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Simplify Content Updates for Your Learning Administrator With the OpenSesame Connector

June 10, 2022 | by SumTotal Blog | 2 min read

SumTotal’s integration with OpenSesame will save time for learning administrators by automatically updating learning content.

No learning and development strategy is complete without good content — it’s what keeps companies compliant and helps employees grow in their careers. But ask any administrator and they’ll tell you that while it’s important for employees to have a seamless experience, the back end should also be easy to navigate. Often, a learning management system can be clunky and require more manual processes.

That’s why SumTotal’s integration with eLearning company OpenSesame is so vital — it helps curate amazing content and automates manual steps.

This integration will make tasks easier for learning administrators in several ways:

Access to World-Class Content

OpenSesame’s library contains over 25,000 courses with topics including DEI, leadership, safety, and compliance. With 18 different languages and multiple course styles like quizzes and simulations, you can find content to suit any need. OpenSesame also curates content based on data and metrics gathered from hundreds of organizations that use the connector.

Easy Setup

Establishing the connector between SumTotal and OpenSesame will take very little effort. To add the connector to an existing SumTotal customer site, all you need to do is install it from the SumTotal Marketplace — we’ll maintain it, so periodic updates will occur automatically.

Automated Content Refreshes

For learning administrators, keeping content up to date is a nuisance at best and a major time sink at worst. Now, administrators can breathe a sigh of relief! With the OpenSesame integration, current content is automatically updated while retired courses are automatically removed from the LMS. The potential to save time with this integration is truly remarkable. Even if downloading and re-uploading only takes 5 minutes per video, that’s over two hours of admin work removed for 25 videos. If you have 50 or 100 videos to update, the connection can save you hours of work that you can then redirect to something more productive.

Members of your learning team already have a lot on their plates, from ensuring that everyone in the firm receives the appropriate training to assisting people in using learning tools to achieve their career goals. With the OpenSesame Connector, administrators can easily set up the integration between SumTotal and OpenSesame, curate effective content, and cut out the burden of manually uploading updated content.

"We are thrilled to have a connector with the SumTotal team. This connection incorporates OpenSesame's vast library of learning resources into the workflow. The collaboration helps to remove obstacles in order to design solutions that provide even more value to both customers and members, allowing learners to access training more easily than ever before." - Emily Clack Manager of Strategic Partnerships

Save time and energy with the OpenSesame Connector — download today!

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