Time & Attendance

Track and Access Accurate Time & Attendance Data in Real-Time.

Manage Time & Attendance to Control Costs and Optimize Productivity.

Gain a competitive advantage with complete process automation that increases output, reduces compliance risk, and maximizes top- and bottom-line growth.

  • Simplify compliance with unlimited rules, policies, and allocations.
  • Collect employee time entries from SumTotal's Impulse Data Collection Devices, SumTotal Mobile Application, or other devices and feeds.
  • Track hourly, salary, and pay-for-performance employees and contractors.
  • Review, approve, and push data instantly for error-free and accurate
    zero-to-gross payroll.
  • Remove bias and create a fair and equitable workplace culture for all
    employees with Occurrence Tracking which helps proactively manage adherence to attendance policies.
  • Eliminate time and labor-intensive manual edits and procedures stemming from schedule deviations.

Collect Localized Workforce Data—Anywhere, Anytime.

Data collection shouldn’t be static or limited to one option. SumTotal Time & Attendance is practical and flexible, letting you track time and attendance on the devices that you prefer without compromising accuracy or real-time data access.

  • Connect your workforce in real-time with a web clock, kiosk, Impulse Data Collection Devices, or other data sources.
  • Provide self-service capabilities such as view messages, add and edit timesheet details, time cards, and accruals.
  • Interact with diverse teams with multilingual support and localized data that adapts to global regions.

Data Collection

SumTotal's Impulse Data Collection Devices are advanced time clocks that automatically ensure that your data is accurate and automatically pushed from clock to screen

  • Access data the instant time is saved across unified solutions such as Scheduling and Absence Management.
  • Abolish “beat the clock” practices such as buddy punching with biometric and camera validation.
  • Update input technologies as your needs change including biometric, proximity, bar code, and mag stripe.

Time & Attendance was designed for complete process automation.

  • SumTotal’s “intelligent adaptation” system automatically provides the right time sheet, data, and view for your different employee types.
  • Gauge the effectiveness of how your people are spending their time with duration based work order/item tracking.
  • Configure tools and workflows that are accessible for all audiences, anywhere, and anytime.
  • Seamlessly connect to your favorite payroll software and communicate actual time worked.
  • Comply with hourly, salary, and pay-for-performance tracking and union regulations.
  • Motivate productivity and positive behavior with tools such as gamification and comprehensive points-based Occurrence Tracking.

Manage Administration, Approvals, and Cost Control Easily from a Central Location.

Too often, time and attendance is isolated and disjointed from HR and Payroll practices. Complete control and real-time compliance requires a unified Time & Attendance, Absence Management, and Scheduling solution. SumTotal Workforce Management was designed to be an all-in-one system removing the need to plug into another system.

  • Leverage the comprehensive rules engine to automate approvals and
    eliminate manual processes.
  • Enforce policies with unlimited rules, policies, pay codes, and allocations.
  • Ensure accurate and timely zero-to-gross payroll calculations every time payroll is run.
  • Regulate your largest controllable cost, automate compliance, and experience measurable ROI.

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