Succession Planning

Understand Your Workforce and Nurture Your Talent Pipeline

The Roadmap to Business Continuity and Success

SumTotal Succession Planning makes it possible for your organization to understand skills and competency strengths and gaps across your workforce. You can develop talent pools to be agile in the face of change and dynamically model succession scenarios to drive decision-making. This allows for alignment of your succession planning needs with the goals and strategic objectives of your organization.

Ensure critical leadership continuity

Look beyond the highest levels to consider all employees that might be prime for leadership positions.

Evaluate talent readiness and identify at-risk positions

Focus on programs to prepare and develop top performers, model the future state of the organization and anticipate and minimize business risk.

Make it easy for managers to identify top talent

Talent Explorer helps to identify employee competencies, skills, certifications and experiences.

Build the bench strength of your organization

With dramatic changes to the business environment, ensure you have talent agility to address vacant positions and rapidly changing demands.

Cultivate new leaders

Recognize talent gaps and prepare employees for future positions by assigning personalized and targeted learning and training plans to talent pools to grow the skills of your high performers.

Improve internal career mobility

Recognize employees and connect them to opportunities for continuous development and growth.

Create Dynamic talent pools

You can group employees by user-defined criteria and ensure growth activities are delivered in context.

Visualize your team dynamics

Leverage our n-box grid for team visibility. Gain critical insight into readiness and potential to help identify top talent and model succession implications.