End-to-End Solution to Develop Your Talent

Learning & Talent Development for Better Business Results

Improve agility

As the world continues to change rapidly you must build talent agility across your workforce, driving bottom line success and adaptability for future success

Improve retention

Retention is critical to business sustainability. Developing your workforce improves employee retention

Boost time-to-productivity

With continuous onboarding, you can drive speed to productivity that delivers real results, faster

Increase engagement

Employees who believe they have a path to growth are more engaged and likely to stay with your organization longer


A modern learning experience

All the tools your organization needs to drive compliance, employee skilling and upskilling, and career development and planning. Provide your employees with a powerful, engaging and personalized learning experience for development and growth.


Attract the right candidates

Identify, attract and select the right talent for your organization. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruiting team


Equip new hires for success

Help new hires adjust to your company culture and the elements of their jobs quickly while learning the skills and behaviors required to function effectively. Improve time to productivity across your new hire population


Deliver value to every employee

Tools to help improve performance of your talent for increased productivity, retention and results. Reimagine performance management across your organization


Process error-free, timely pay

Manage the complexities of your compensation planning and execution. Align your compensation strategy to business goals to create a true pay for performance culture


Plan for your company’s future

Help to define and understand the current organizational make-up . Align your workforce strategy based on current and future business needs. With the right insight into emerging requirements, create a talent pipeline to address future positions


Measure the impact of programs

SumTotal Talent Development offers robust analytics and advanced reporting capabilities that include easy-to-use, out-of-the-box reports and flexible custom reporting options that align with your organization’s unique processes, goals, and key performance indicators.

SumTotal Mobile


Deliver the HR technology your workforce needs through the platform most prefer for anytime, anywhere access and engagement. SumTotal Mobile delivers a consumer-grade experience across all mobile and tablet devices and operating systems.