Automate Your Payroll and Benefits Management

Process Error-Free Payroll and Benefits Management

A distributed workforce and ever-changing business requirements call for pristine payroll and benefits processes. SumTotal’s Payroll and Benefits Management solutions come fully equipped with configurable tools to process error-free and timely pay and benefits every single time.

"SumTotal’s payroll solution made the process of moving over to auto-enrollment much more straightforward than we expected and prepared us for this change in a way we could not have been previously."

Payroll Manager, Gwynedd Council

Designed By Payroll Professionals, For Payroll Professionals

Our common-sense approach to payroll is based on how administrators perform their day-to-day tasks. Convenient to use, we deliver a powerful, flexible, and reliable solution.

Managing multiple pay types for employees each pay period is easier than ever. Leverage journal entries that are correct the first time and update employee benefit deductions in real time when rates change or you need to account for other events such as anniversaries and status changes.

Accurate and Automatic Benefits Calculations

SumTotal Benefits Management fully integrates HR management, compensation administration, reporting, self-service, and web-based open enrollment. The result is a quick, simple, accurate, and timely benefits enrollment. Seamless integration ensures accurate and automatic calculations of coverage, contributions and deductions from premiums to pensions to FSAs.

The Most Compliant Solution in the Industry

SumTotal effectively eliminates the “work” from your workflow processes. Paired with internally maintained taxation and regulatory reporting, you can rest assured that your organization is in full regulatory compliance.

It’s Not "Complex" to Us

We handle even complex calculations and requirements. Automated tools and workflows streamline all types of pay and benefits administration.

Singular and group benefit plans for union or salaried employees are processed quickly and accurately.

Additional Benefits
  • Control and track data, processes, pre-audits, employee eligibility, benefit offerings, and more
  • Quickly and easily change payroll rules and update employee benefit deductions
  • Provide secure access to pay advice, annual statements, and benefit statements for employees
  • Manage complex benefit plans for all employees
  • Reduce administrative overhead and training time
  • Achieve accurate and timely benefits enrollment
  • Manage complex payroll with multiple pay types for a workforce of any size with unlimited employee and tax IDs
  • Simplify union rules, dynamic pay structures, and more
  • Quickly and easily change payroll rules within the system
  • Ensure full regulatory compliance for all states, provinces, and regions in North America, the UK, Ireland and Australia