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Why SumTotal is on Training Industry’s Top 20 Learning Portal/LMS Companies list

January 9, 2020 | by SumTotal Blog
There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

As a global leader in Talent Development solutions, SumTotal works hard to continuously innovate and evolve so we can meet the needs of our customers. We are always planning and looking ahead to ensure we are delivering a service and product that organizations want. We are busy always innovating, which is why it is so rewarding when our efforts are recognized, especially by the most trusted source of information on the business of learning.

As part of Training Industry’s commitment to continuously monitor the training marketplace for the best providers and services, they released their 2019 Top 20 Learning Portal/LMS Companies List. SumTotal is on this list.

Selection of the Top 20 Learning Portal/LMS Companies was based on the following:

  • Quality of learning portal/LMS user and administrative features
  • Industry visibility, innovation and impact
  • Number and strength of clients
  • Geographic reach
  • Company size and growth potential

Here’s a brief overview of the reasons for our win:

  • We provide a unified, comprehensive, Talent Development suite delivering measurable impact across the entire employee lifecycle.
  • Our learning management system (LMS) delivers a modern, engaging and trackable learning experience. Regardless of where learning occurs, it is tracked in the SumTotal LMS while personalization and curation capabilities ensure the most relevant content is served to the right employee directly in the flow of work.
  • With a UX that mirrors the consumer-grade look and feel of the most popular consumer apps, we provide intuitive and engaging user experiences. With the SumTotal Mobile App, learners can complete training from anywhere, at any time and on any device.
  • We have built preconfigured integrations with many of the leading content providers on the market today including a deep integration with Skillsoft’s robust content library delivering multi-modal courses, videos, test labs, books, book summaries and audiobooks across 29 languages. In addition to Skillsoft, SumTotal has integration partnerships with providers like Harvard Business Publishing, edX, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Moodle to name a few. Our roadmap includes a continued focus on content partner integrations.
  • We are the first LMS to fully enable content aggregation across xAPI, CMI5, third-party and custom content.
  • The updated LMS delivered a brand new, modern, consumer-oriented and learner-centric design to help learners find and consume content essential to closing close critical skill gaps. The new user experience met the demand for the consumer-led experience learners have come to expect and features cutting edge technology and an intuitive interface. Additional innovations include:
    • Mobile Enhancements: Smartphone optimized and more dynamic learning experience, including e-signature capabilities and support for curriculum registration on mobile devices.
    • Enhanced Content Experience: Rich APIs enable access to channel curation, multiple modalities, courses, videos and books in a best-in-class manner along with dynamic content duration, competency alignment and reporting.
    • Extended Enterprise Marketing Tools: Customers can control training offered to external audiences, delivering flexibility in cost, currency, duration, cancellation methods and policies and bundles.

Want to experience SumTotal’s award-winning solution? You can.

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