Since 1999, rapidLD has helped its customers gain maximum value from human capital technology investments. Services include management consulting, implementation, integration and operations.

We have numerous SumTotal implementations in our portfolio and have deep expertise in retail, manufacturing, and life sciences. Ask us about our Digital Learning World – creating a new learner experience. Also see our SumTotal App Marketplace Products – a series of products that help our customers ‘crush the value curve’.

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Partner Badges:

Quotes speaking to the benefit of partnering with SumTotal:

“SumTotal has an extraordinary focus on business partnerships as a critical part of their operation. While this puts pressure on the partner to be the best that they can be, it also elevates the performance of ALL partners, resulting in better work for customers, and a better reputation for SumTotal in the overall market. Kudos to SumTotal for the effort put into growing the partner ecosystem.”

Jim Everidge, President/CEO – rapidLD

“I work with Product and PS Sales leadership at SumTotal on a daily basis, and truly feel like we are one team. Having worked with many partners over the last 22 years, the SumTotal team is one of the hardest working and professional groups I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with. SumTotal does as great job of leveraging our specific areas of expertise and offerings and invests continually in maintaining and growing our product knowledge. We have built trust and respect within this team. That trust is why we have candor and honesty in our communication. These are the reasons we are winning new business, delivering quality to customers and driving adoption of this great technology suite…together.”

Chris Terry, VP Consulting – rapidLD

“Partnering with SumTotal is an all-around win for the customer, SumTotal and rapidLD. As a valued partner we strive to establish and maintain a trusted advisor relationship with prospects, customers, professional services and sales. We work closely together as a unified team, to serve the customer and the brand. Finally, we help expand SumTotal’s breadth of knowledge, experience and success in providing excellent customer service, consulting, implementation, integration and optimization skills.”

Tony Alexander, SumTotal Practice Director – rapidLD

“Over the years that I have worked with the SumTotal product (both as a Customer and Consultant) I have always felt they have really made it possible for their partners to succeed. This also in turn helps the customers succeed and really leverages the system for its many capabilities. Having a vendor partner like SumTotal truly is a critical component of their customer success. SumTotal support of the Partner Ecosystem provides companies like rapidLD with the skills, knowledge, and trust to help guide the customer to be successful.”

Ryan Jardine, Principal SumTotal Consultant

“Our partnership with SumTotal is invaluable to the success of rapidLD as we support our customers before, during and after their implementations. From the sales process through the customer sign-off, we can rely on SumTotal to support us and work with us to achieve a completely satisfied customer.”

Mike Coleman, Principle Consultant – rapidLD

Customer Quotes:

“Tony, we have thoroughly enjoyed having you as part of the Cox SumTotal implementation team. Your product knowledge, support and recommendations have been invaluable. We also enjoyed your additions to our Learn@Cox team globossary!!”

Erika Mookerjie, Director, Organizational Change

“Darden is singing praises about the Advanced Reporting consulting / training delivered by Geoffrey. They are feeling great about the quality of the training, and comfortable where they are at with AR. Nice work Geoffrey King! These guys are not the easiest customer to please.”

Dan King, SumTotal PS Practice Manager

“I wanted to check in with you as we are barreling forward in the configuration process for SumTotal at Darden. My team (Karen Donnelly, Boyd Geary, Michelle, Estevez, Jennifer Giusti, and Andrea Seebree) have all taken the time to tell me what a great partnership has been formed between our two teams. The Darden team believes that your team is sincerely committed to our success and they have been very responsive to our questions. It is very helpful to have Tony [Alexander from rapidLD] on your team since he can translate between Cornerstone and SumTotal for us. Bill and all of the others who have been on site or on the phone have been equally as helpful. Thanks again for your support of our project and our success.”

VP Talent Management

“I wanted to reiterate our appreciation for all the support from your team the past 6 weeks. I finally had a chance to review the last invoice a couple of days ago, and the number of hours you guys have spent getting things fixed really sunk in. I knew it because we’ve been living it, but seeing it on paper really reinforced your commitment and dedication to ensuring we have a successful result. I just wanted to make sure I took the time to say thank you, since things have been fast and furious since October. We appreciate it, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by anyone here.”

Director, HR Technology, Gulfstream Aerospace

“I really want to thank you for all the work you are doing with several of the accounts I have been involved with over the last year. I really think you helped the sales team close several of those deals. I am just an SA but I got a chance to speak this week in front of my peers as well as the entire sales team and made sure to say that introducing RapidLD early and often was extremely important.”

Veronica James, Solution Architect