SumTotal Talent

Compensation Management 

Simplify Compensation Planning

Streamline your organization’s compensation planning, budgeting, incentive management and reporting to maximize the adoption and effectiveness of compensation programs and eliminate the need for manual processes and extensive paperwork – saving you time and reducing costs.

  • Create competitive packages

    That will attract and retain top talent.

  • Automate workflows

    To enable managers and executives to quickly and easily handle exceptions, approvals and compensation decisions.

  • Manage the complexity of global compensation and reward policies

    By supporting the use of multiple plans and currencies in a single organization.

Make Informed Compensation

SumTotal Compensation Management enables your organization to create effective compensation strategies that align with business demands and the goals of your organization.

  • Build a standard or custom compensation plan

    That will ensure you create the right plan for your organization, and establish standards to guide decisions across the organization.

  • Understand the impact of compensation decisions

    By modeling different budget scenarios, performing budget analysis and robust reporting to drive decision-making and meet the objectives of your business.

  • Easily leverage historical compensation data

    To guide future compensation and reward decisions.

Ensure Retention of High Performers

SumTotal’s compensation solution, integrated with SumTotal Performance Management, creates a true pay-for-performance culture, a critical component to engage and retain top talent.

  • Drive retention and productivity

    By directly linking pay to performance.

  • Ensure fair and accurate compensation

    By basing merit increases and bonuses on an objective and transparent process that aligns with an employee’s performance.