SumTotal HCM Suite



Modern Solution That Solves Today’s Challenging Recruiting & Onboarding Requirements

SumTotal’s comprehensive Talent Acquisition Solution streamlines the hiring life cycle with tools to deliver an engaging candidate experience and an immersive onboarding process all designed to find the right candidate and ensure they are productive even before day one. Recruiter and Hiring Manager productivity is guaranteed with our intuitive reimagined solution that streamlines your recruiting process and helps deliver on your talent acquisition goals.

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Enable Learning in the Flow of Work to Engage and Retain Talent

SumTotal Learning Management is the most comprehensive LMS that connects the dots between the skills and competencies people need now, delivered in the context of what they are trying to accomplish, and in-addition, prepares the organization for tomorrow, to measurably improve performance. SumTotal Learning Management delivers an unrivaled learning experience. You can deliver expertly designed content, minimize the burden of constant curation, enhance content discovery, and utilize usage analytics. Regardless of where learning occurs SumTotal Learning Management can track it.  SumTotal’s learning experience is modern, engaging, consistent and trackable.

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Drive Growth and Performance While Building Skills and Leadership for the Future

Empower your people with intuitive, personalized tools that engage employees in pursuing their own self-directed path for development and career growth, while ensuring their efforts are aligned with the goals and business demands of their team and the broader organization. We deliver new ways to engage your talent with innovative solutions that know, develop, grow and reward your workforce. SumTotal’s Performance and 360 Feedback solutions engage employees by delivering real value to every employee and manager by making performance feedback insightful and actionable. SumTotal’s Succession Planning enables leaders and managers to identify and nurture talent pools at all levels, eliminate organizational risk and support internal career mobility to retain employees. Using SumTotal’s Compensation Management solution, there is no need to rely on spreadsheets or outdated legacy software systems. SumTotal ensures you have a unified view of your talent with real-time data that aligns compensation decisions to the performance of individuals and groups.

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Get a Complete View of Your Workforce While Managing Risk and Reducing Cost

Optimize top and bottom-line growth with SumTotal Workforce Management. Time & Attendance, Scheduling and Absence Management are now your competitive advantage by optimizing productivity with total process automation and maintaining compliance. We help organizations of all sizes deploy the right number of people, at the right time and place at the right cost with our Workforce Management solution. SumTotal’s Expense Management, Payroll and Benefits solutions take you further with common-sense technology that gets the job done quickly and accurately. SumTotal Workforce Management solution helps minimize risk and avoid fines by to ensuring that your employees have the current certifications they need to be both safe and compliant. Get the most from your workforce with full process automation. We give you the tools to manage your workforce quicker and more efficiently than ever.

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