On-Demand Webinar

Supporting Your Employees to Prevent Workplace Burnout

This webinar is hosted in partnership with Udemy Business.

Employee engagement is a top concern for HR leaders to retain employees in global organizations. While there are several approaches to support an increase in employee engagement, a principal focus area is company-sponsored health and wellness initiatives.

Pre-pandemic, in a 2020 survey from Spring Health, 76% of American workers reported suffering burnout. At the same time, Gallup found that burned-out employees cost $3,400 out of every $10,000 in salary. Harvard Business Review also estimated that the annual healthcare spending due to workplace burnout is anywhere from $125 billion to $190 billion. With the compounding stress to perform, employees need support to prevent feeling overwhelmed and burnt out from internal and external factors.

Udemy Business offers online learning courses on how to address and prevent employee burnout. During this webinar, you’ll hear from a highly rated Udemy Instructor on specific practices to implement to help your employees feel supported at your organization. Learn how to foster psychological safety at your organization to retain top talent.