SumTotal® Workforce Management
(Time & Attendance, Scheduling, Absence Management)

Real-time Scheduling, Timekeeping, and Absence Management

Scheduling, time-tracking, and absence management are constant in any business. They are functionally linked and a change in the rules in one drives changes in the others. If you can’t ensure that changes flow from one to the others, you are in danger of impeding your business or even breaking the law. What you need is a real-time system that protects you from your processes falling out of synch.

SumTotal® Workforce Management, a part of the SumTotal Talent and Development Suite, provides one real-time system for time and attendance, scheduling, and absence management. Change a rule in one and it seamlessly flows into the others, whether that’s for FMLA, vacation, sick time accrual, jury duty, or military service rules. SumTotal Workforce Management enables you to define rules whether you’re a company of 500 or an organization with over 100,000 employees.

Time and Attendance

How time gets tracked becomes more challenging with every additional employee, facility, and job type. But SumTotal Workforce Management enables companies to define rules to meet their specific needs, ideal for complex requirements such as organizations with union employees. SumTotal customers have implemented rules to support hundreds of collection bargaining agreements for time and attendance in their organizations. Using SumTotal Time & Attendance, you can leverage multiple easy-to-use timesheets and dozens of other configurable options to support different jobs and department requirements.


Scheduling for hundreds or thousands of employees is never simple or easy. Fortunately, SumTotal Scheduling provides tools to make even the most challenging scheduling easier. Schedule in bulk using employee groups or specifically by employee, job or role, and align skills to ensure the best person is assigned. Enable employees to swap shifts and make drag-and-drop changes while tracking availability and confirming necessary certifications and training with real-time validation against records in the SumTotal LMS.

Absence Management

Track and record any and all time away from work - organization-wide management including salary or hourly, from sick and vacation days to extended time away. End users can even submit intermittent and recurring absences in one simple request. Provide comprehensive absence management, including questionnaires on FMLA qualifications


  • Facilitates employee engagement and performance
  • Manages policy deviations
  • Connects skills to jobs
  • Ensures accurate compensation
  • Corrects absenteeism trends and overtime abuse
  • Limits common time theft abuses
  • Mitigates compliance risk
  • Reduces administrative overhead and errors

Feature Highlights

  • Real-time access to schedules
  • On-demand audit trial
  • Occurrence tracking
  • Flexible clock in/out options (web clock, mobile, time clocks)
  • Training and certification validation
  • Automate pay, work, union, absence, and accrual rules
  • Flexible integration with existing business systems
  • Employee self-service (shift bidding and trading, vacation absence trading, availability and shift calendar)
  • Standard and ad hoc workforce reporting