SumTotal® Onboarding

Speeding Cultural Fit, Compliance, and Visibility

As challenging as it is for you to hire the right candidate or find the ideal person internally to fill a new spot, that is only half the equation. Successfully integrating a new person into a team or your company culture quickly and efficiently can drive whether they find success or leave. Then the recruiting process has to start all over again.

SumTotal® Onboarding, a part of the SumTotal Talent and Development Suite, enables you to automate and track onboarding processes to ensure that every new team member, whether an existing employee being transferred or new hire, understands and enjoys their onboarding requirements and activities while giving management the ability to track, review, and improve how new team members are onboarded.

Transparent Onboarding

There is a huge difference between onboarding an entry-level employee, an experienced manager, and a senior executive. Each has paperwork, people introductions, and processes they need to complete. SumTotal Onboarding enables you to define onboarding processes by group to eliminate repetitive work for your HR team and managers. Each group can have its own mandatory or optional steps to complete, including ensuring that defined previous steps are completed before the employee can move to their next activity. This is ideal for positions that require signed paperwork or mandatory training. Steps can also be defined with time limits to ensure the processes never get stalled.

Employees have visibility into their onboarding process with their own dashboard. This transparency and visibility shows the employee that the organization has a well-defined game plan for their integration into the team. Having a single place to track all of their onboarding activities enables new team members to prepare for future activities, whether that is collecting personal documents, making decisions for benefits selection, or studying for a compliance test.

Automate Processes and Ensure Compliance

Some jobs need more than a laptop or a company work shirt to get started. Many positions require specific training and certifications before a new employee can start becoming productive, and in these cases, there are strict compliance requirements for the organization.

SumTotal Onboarding enables your HR team to configure flexible process flows for everything from filling out forms to validating skills and improving knowledge to ensure your people are ready for their new responsibilities. Multiple onboarding flows can be connected for different purposes. An example onboarding flow could include:

  • Training needs analysis
    • Assess skills
    • Assign appropriate development activities
    • Perform 1:1 check-in with the new supervisor
    • Supervisor completes observation checklist
    • Employee takes a certification test

Onboarding is Just the Beginning

SumTotal Onboarding is powered by the SumTotal Initiatives workflow engine, part of the SumTotal Talent and Development Suite. The Initiatives engine can access all of the talent features in the complete suite to drive a wide variety of processes. Onboarding can leverage learning, while an in-company transfer process can streamline introductions to new team members and speed logistical changes. Use group membership to automate high potential programs to accelerate the effectiveness of individual, small, and large organizational changes.


  • Configure onboarding rules one time for specific teams, functions, or groups
  • Quickly address needs for logistics, certifications, training, and team building
  • Create a personalized experience that engages each employee in their growth and performance
  • Instantly connect with colleagues/managers/mentor with Communities
  • Support e-Signatures to eliminate paperwork

Feature Highlights

  • Initiatives workflow engines powers fully configurable, cross-suite workflows
  • Federal and state compliance forms
  • Checklists, goals, and guidance features
  • Dashboard to monitor progress and priorities
  • Step-by-step process setup wizards
  • Fully responsive design for Apple and Android mobile devices