On-Demand Webinar

Run Your Learning Program Like A Business

How 3M Gained Learning Program Buy-in, Adoption and Success Through Governance

Building and scaling a world-class learning program is like running a business. You must attract and retain learners and ensure the ongoing satisfaction of critical stakeholders while continually demonstrating quantifiable value to leaders setting the strategic agenda. Stakeholder and user adoption is vital. If you fail to manage expectations, user adoption will be low, and stakeholders may go rogue.

In this session, learn how Samuel Ragsdale, 3M's Director of Learning, developed a global learning governance model that allows him to create and scale business value and employee engagement while supporting the continually changing learning needs of the 3M organization. In addition, learn about SumTotal’s re-usable governance framework and set of best practices that you can use to accelerate the growth of your learning program.


Josh Rothmel - Senior Director, Business Advisory Services @ SumTotal Systems

Samuel Ragsdale, Director of Learning at @ 3M

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