Learning Management System Health Check

The pace of business continues to change rapidly. For most organizations, learning needs are evolving as well. Staying current with learning delivery requires that you have a solution that grows with you. Below is a list of questions to determine if your LMS solution provider is innovating to meet your current and future needs:

Does your current LMS Solution deliver the following capabilities?

If your existing solution provider falls short in any of these categories, it may be time to consider an alternative like SumTotal. We are committed to continuous innovation and delivering powerful learning functionality, consumer-grade user experience, and robust mobile capabilities. With SumTotal, you can drive agility, productivity, and increased employee engagement.

However, change can be difficult, and new solutions require significant buy-in. Read “Winning the Business Case for Next-Generation Learning Technology for the Enterprise,” to help create a business case for your next-generation LMS. A compelling business case will facilitate the change your organization deserves.