LRMG has successfully implemented the SumTotal Cloud and Premise solutions at leading African companies and brings a wealth of technical and organisational capabilities to ensure success. We pride ourselves in keeping abreast of the trends impacting business and adapt the solutions taken to market. This ensures that the latest innovations are shared and offered to our clients who are at the cutting edge of people management practices. Our technology partnership with SumTotal ensures that we remain at the forefront of development and brings best of breed solutions to the Sub-Saharan Africa market.

Over the past ten years, we have acquired the consulting and technical expertise, and honed our experience in partnering with our clients to design customised, fit-for-purpose learning and talent management solutions. We understand the world-of-work and technology capability in Africa. We have developed consulting and implementation methodologies that are context aware and cost-effective and that place customer centricity at the core of our delivery.

Products & Services:

At LRMG we align people and environments to optimal performance through a variety of performance-enhancing solutions. We understand how the connected mechanisms and contexts that drive people and organisational performance interact and influence each other. This makes it possible for us to custom-create smart, targeted performance-enhancing solutions that build capacity, competence and capability, and deliver measurable results and returns for our clients.

We have been delivering performance solutions that result in a measurable impact since 1997, and our solutions continue to evolve to address the skills and capabilities our clients will need tomorrow.

We believe that we earn the right to do business. Accordingly, nurture and build longstanding client relationships founded on mutual trust and benefit. Serving our clients means we dig deep to truly uncover their needs and integrate the way we work alongside them, creating and innovating solutions that help our clients achieve the performance progress they desire. By empowering our clients, we also fulfil our mission of positively shaping the future of people and organisations in Africa.

Africa, and the opportunity that is inherent in our continent, motivates us to bring our best every day and meet our brand promise of delivering consistent quality, sustainably, over time. We currently have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kenya and Mauritius, and representation in 18 other African regions.

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