About us

“You know how you have all the systems and processes that do not work together? Then in two years, you cannot figure out why nothing works together, or nothing gets done?”

We help you get the most out of your systems, processes, and technologies you currently own by aligning your business objectives with your technology capabilities. By guiding you through integration choices that align with both your business and technology footprint, you can focus on your business while we get the implementation done. Where you need to supplement or build new capabilities, we can guide you through the selection through the implementation process.

Partner Badges:

“Tom Mills and ISChamp are WONDERFUL!! There is no problem Tom cannot fix! We worked with them to launch healthcare education in China. They creatively built courses in Mandarin and delivered them on an evolving learning management system, encountered numerous issues and challenges. ISChamp was available 24/7, tackled every issue and made it work, on deadline!”

Karen L. Burdick, MA, OTR Sr. Director, Curriculum Development