Chasma improves your ability to deliver a human experience without costly deployments, customizations, or ripping out and replacing your existing systems.

We are on a mission to address HR technology needs in shorter and agile cycles to speed up your ability to adapt, so you can reduce your admin overhead and focus on strategy.

We strongly believe, Your technology should not call the tune for you to dance; it should dance to the music in your critical processes.

Chasma Editor

When your people have time for managing their talent journey, they don't want to spend it looking for the information and resources they need.

  • Give them the gift of time with a dashboard that allows them to check the progress they've made, where they stand today, and what they want to do next.
  • Give your managers the gift of time by displaying their team's talent journey, progression status, achievements, backlogs, and trouble spots in one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Let your executives see the real-time information they need to make the right decisions. Learn more about Chasma Editor today.

Pair Chasma Editor with your SumTotal Platform

for a personalized experience that your users will love.

Chasma Event

Chasma Event is a desktop and mobile management app for any event in your organization. It automates invitations, RSVPs, details and directions, and resources for any size gathering. And it integrates with your enterprise LMS to manage your instructor-led training.

  • Automate ILT administration and management with Chasma Event, a desktop/mobile application that will make managing any kind of event a breeze.
  • Manage check-in, check-out, and attendance tracking with digital passes, access cards, mobile passes.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your enterprise LMS/LXP to manage your classroom training, remote classrooms, workshops, customer training events, and OJT.

Start building a modern employee event experience.

Organize events with ease to create a memorable experience.

Chasma Quale

Automate your SumTotal update/upgrade testing and reduce the risk of human error that plagues repetitive, labor-intensive manual testing.

  • Let Quale run your tests so you can focus on testing strategy
  • Use our library of 3,900+ scripts to validate your business processes and record your results
  • Group scripts and run them manually or schedule them at your convenience.

Start Using Chasma Quale for SumTotal Today

Automate your business process validation, optimize your workflow, and lower your risks.

Chasma Analytics for SumTotal

Your organization runs on data, and you can't afford to be without the analysis that drives critical decisions in your talent operations.

Chasma Analytics delivers pre-configured, flexible dashboards and visualizations that provide the insights you need to make vital decisions.

Choose from a library of 300+ KPIs and metrics from in-depth research across 1000+ global organizations. Learn more about Chasma Analytics today.

Get started with Chasma Analytics today...

Build a data-driven talent organization.


Bring the data streams from all your HR applications into a single data platform. Explore data from any source.

Create personalized dashboards for all your roles and share dashboards with anyone in your organization. Keep managers and business leaders informed of metrics relevant to them.

  • Complete library of pre-configured templates.
  • No programming skills required to create deep insights into your people data.
  • Drag-and-drop customization in a visual framework.
  • Create security groups to control data visibility.
  • Seamlessly pull data from across your HR Technology landscape.

Start Using HRBox for your People Analytics Today

Your HR, Learning and Talent leaders will get more insights into your people data to make timely, data driven decisions.

Chasma Analytics for Power BI

Chasma Analytics for Power BI gives you pre-configured dashboards you can deploy immediately into your Microsoft Power BI platform.

  • Compare critical operational metrics like employee cost and performance, learning transfer and productivity, and more.
  • Plan, track, and manage your learning activities and programs with multi-channel dashboards.
  • Get faster insights with data visualizations to make decisions at the speed of business.
  • Develop predictive models that drive decisions to capitalize on your workforce potential.
  • Employ advanced analytics to give you deeper insights into your workforce data.

Chasma Analytics for Power BI gives you pre-configured dashboards you can deploy immediately into your Microsoft Power BI platform.

Start Using Chasma Analytics for Power BI Today

Your Learning and Talent leaders will get more insights on your people data to make timely, data driven decisions.

Chasma Connect

Connect all your HR systems to improve your data quality and workflow with ready-to-deploy connectors, prebuilt for HR, Learning, and Talent applications—without programming or custom integration.

  • Automatically provision new accounts in connected applications.
  • Speed employee onboarding by syncing and validating employee information from recruitment across the entire employee life cycle.
  • Make data changes due to reorganization or employee status changes, benefits elections, or payroll updates automatic, instant and consistent everywhere.
  • Eliminate manual re-keying and data errors.
  • Improve data quality by eliminating errors at the source.

Grow your business through seamless data flows.

Get started with Chasma Connect platform today to connect your systems for a smoother user experience.