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UC Health is an integrated academic health system serving the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio region. A cornerstone of UC Health’s vision for patient care is its commitment to safety and ethics. New regulations, changing insurance reimbursement models, and heightened penalties for HIPAA violations and data breaches make compliance training and education imperative for UC Health’s nearly 18,000 employees, contractors, researchers, healthcare affiliated students, and community physicians. Contributing to this challenge is how to adequately train every person who has access to patient data regardless of their location, employment status, or job function, and keep that training current as threats to information security evolve.

“UC Health’s Compliance Program is the cornerstone of our organization’s commitment to business ethics and compliance. Without SumTotal’s partnership, we would not be as successful with our annual compliance training.”

AVP of Culture, People, and Technology
98% of compliance training was completed before or on the due date.
100% compliance was achieved within two weeks of the due date.

UC Health is using SumTotal’s learning management system (LMS) to systematize compliance training and assign each employee to one of fifteen designated training tracks, depending on their job function and patient data exposure. Each track features a combination of purchased content and internally created SCORM courses. SumTotal automatically adjusts the assigned curriculum/track for students who transfer to different areas or change job functions, and it records completions from a different curriculum or track so there is no redundancy in assigned training. SumTotal’s reporting capabilities allow UC Health to monitor completion progress, send managers status updates, and identify specific areas of concern.


UC Health brings together the region’s top clinicians and researchers to provide world-class care to the Cincinnati community and beyond. From their flagship University of Cincinnati Medical Center to our state-of-the-art West Chester Hospital, UC Health delivers the absolute best in treatment and care. Continually recognized for excellence and backed by the academic strength of the University of Cincinnati, one of the nation’s top 25 public research universities, UC Health is revolutionizing how discovery-driven care is delivered.