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"SumTotal's payroll solution made the process of moving over to auto-enrollment much more straightforward than we expected and prepared us for this change in a way we could not have been previously."

Martin Morris, Payroll Manager


With 7,500 employees Gwynedd Council is responsible for providing a wide range of local public services. The diversity of its services presented challenges for HR as many of the employees work across different departments, each with separate processes and systems. Additionally, changing government regulations around pension schemes and annual reporting of employee income put further pressure on an already busy department. Gwynedd Council needed a flexible and more efficient system to meet these, and future, changing circumstances.


SumTotal designed a configurable payroll solution that allowed Gwynedd Council to streamline data, bringing together multiple payments in less time. Gwynedd Council integrated auto-enrollment in a workforce pension into the system, thereby ensuring compliance without adding to the workload. Additionally, the new solution facilitated greater opportunity for reporting analysis especially pertinent given the new regulations around Real Time Information (RTI).


With responsibility for an area of over 2,500km² Gwynedd Council has 7,500 employees providing a wide range of local public services to over 120,000 residents of north-west Wales. The local authority is responsible for over 100 schools across the county, providing care for older and vulnerable people in residential care facilities and in their own homes. Amongst other duties the Council is also responsible for refuse and recycling collections, maintaining the county’s highways and public transport, as well as a network of libraries and leisure centers.