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"We want employees to be well prepared for their jobs and give them the tools to be better at them. SumTotal's solutions are a huge component in making sure we get them the information that they need at the point of work."

Learning Technology Supervisor
305,000 courses completed online – about 840 courses completed per day
Over 1 million online courses have been completed
150 locations subscribing, exceeding goals by more than 5 times


The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society is the largest not-for-profit provider of senior care and services in the U.S. It serves more than 27,000 people in 240 locations nationwide. The organization has 24,000 employees who work in 24 different states. The Good Samaritan Society has always placed an emphasis on training but struggled to determine the best way to deliver that training when and where employees need it. As a highly regulated, compliance-driven organization, the Society consistently needs to demonstrate what training employees had and when.


The organization selected SumTotal Learn: Enterprise and initially rolled it out with a focus on tracking. This gave them valuable insights into employee training compliance and development. Once the organization got the basics covered, they looked for ways to improve training delivery. They deployed a library of online courses to their communities on a subscription basis so locations could choose to use the library of content to meet training needs. To deliver a user experience that reflected the company’s highly relationship- and mission-oriented culture, the organization used SumTotal’s customized news pages.


The Good Samaritan Society is a not-for-profit charity that has over 65 years of experience in providing complex/continuing care, assisted/supportive living and other specialized health and community care services in innovative and caring environments. The Society’s mission is to extend Christian hospitality through a continuum of care to those in need or at risk, regardless of race or religious belief. The Good Samaritan Society has grown to over 240 sites and programs that serve more than 27,000 individuals. Inspired by the parable of the Good Samaritan, we provide complex/long-term care, assisted/supportive living, and other specialized health care services for the elderly and the physically and mentally challenged.