Maintaining Engagement & Brand Consistency


When a company experiences tremendous growth, maintaining a consistent brand experience is critical to preserving success. Realty ONE Group, a lifestyle real estate brand, rapidly expanded to a workforce of 13,000 real estate professionals. They knew training agents and franchisees would be critical to upholding an excellent customer experience.

Despite the fundamentality of training, only 10-20% of Realty ONE Group professionals were attending the instructor-led training. Mark Pessin, Chief Learning Officer, believed that increased learning engagement was critical to maintaining success. He was concerned agents and franchisees weren’t staying as sharp as possible on new systems and tools, legal updates, market conditions, and trends.

Mark knew moving to a digital and self-led platform had the potential to increase learning and training tremendously. However, not just any learning platform could do – Realty ONE Group had specific criteria in mind. They needed a platform that not only would provide access to best-in-class industry content but one that also had the flexibility to accommodate Realty ONE Group’s custom content. It was also important the platform track metrics related to results, performance, and engagement.

With these criteria in mind, Mark investigated his options. Establishing preset criteria is critical to an efficient exploration, but even so, he cautions to allot a fair amount of time for questions and back and forth. It’s better to invest the time upfront in selection than to have unexpected unmet needs further down the road.

Realty ONE Group implemented a shared system that was flexible enough to incorporate a combination of their own branded content, franchisee-created content, and more widely available industry content. In addition to flexibility, the platform also delivered functionality. They were able to take advantage of best-in-class capabilities, such as robust mobile learning features.

Since implementation just six months ago, the organization has seen significantly greater engagement from both agents and franchisees, with over 22,000 courses accessed and almost 6,000 completed course objects.

“One of the greatest lessons for us has been that our workforce truly wants to learn, is they just needed a more modern method of doing so.”

Mark Pessin

Chief Learning Officer
Realty ONE Group

It’s been incredible to see how hungry the network has been to consume this information. It’s proven to be especially beneficial over these past few months, as they’ve pivoted to remote work. Franchisees and agents can remain productive during downtime to develop and take training to come back stronger than ever. This time period and this unique platform have afforded them the ability to work ON their businesses, not just in them. You see, real estate agents often work 6-7 days a week, and are always busy pursuing, working with and serving their customers. But they often struggle to allow time to develop themselves or the quality of their businesses. With this NEW platform, they have more than the ability to improve their skillsets’ they have the flexibility to do so with greater ease and convenience than ever before.

One of the greatest lessons for us has been that our workforce truly wants to learn, is they just needed a more modern method of doing so. And we are so committed to helping support agents during this health crisis, that we’ve even begun offering agents outside of our network a 30-day free pass to ONE.U so they may also upskill and prepare for the coming pent up market demand that is sure to follow.