A Vision for Streamlined Learning


How do you transform a disjointed learning system into an efficient and inspiring experience in one of the most regulated industries? With over 16,000 employees spread across the globe, Daiichi-Sankyo, a global pharmaceutical company based in Japan, faced strict training tracking regulations and a need for more efficient processes. To address this challenge, it formed a vision for streamlined learning that checked off every box on their wish list.

Daiichi-Sankyo’s historic learning system got the job done but not without headaches. The old system was incapable of hosting the amount of training needed for a global company with diverse roles. Centrally controlled yet regionally tailored, the solution also created bottlenecks for the teams’ learning processes. As industry regulations required Daiichi-Sankyo to track its training further, Senior Training Manager, Julia Ruthus, knew the process needed to be transformed.

To transform the process, leaders across the organization needed to be bought in and aligned. Corralling this initiative, Julia collected a learning wish list across the organization to ensure leaders were informed and included before setting the vision into motion.

At the top of the list was a single point of learning for all employees in the organization. This new learning center would be an employee’s first stop for everything knowledge related, from signing up for training to conducting a performance review.

Gone are the days of centrally controlled learning. In Daiichi-Sankyo’s vision, each office would create and upload learning content for any portion of the employee base to access, effectively reducing the resources needed.

Included on the list, the new system would need to integrate with the old and auto-comply with new training tracking regulations. This way, any changes or updates to training are hosted in one location for easy documenting and automatically pushed out to the employees who need to refresh their skills.

With its learning wish list penned, Daiichi-Sankyo started on the path to an efficient learning solution that meets all its needs. Still in progress, the solution will reduce resources needed for learning, comply with industry regulations, and create an easy process for employees to be upskilled and re-skilled.

“Learning and development is a great motivator. When we offer a great variety of training and learning, we allow employees to further themselves -- to learn about topics that may not immediately appear relevant to their roles but support personal development.”

Julia Ruthus

Senior Training Manager