Learning in Transition


Typical of any organization, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has its challenges. Senior specialists with experience and deep knowledge are retiring from the organization. Fossil fuels are a limited resource and the energy industry is looking towards alternate energy options. Lastly, technology advances are heralding digital transformation which everyone must embrace.

As a result, BPCL is in a constant state of transformation, as is every oil producer in the world. Their approach must protect their current business, but also prepare them for the future.

First, they have tackled the institutional knowledge that is leaving the company as experienced seniors retire. They did this by creating a platform which enables creation and sharing of content across the organization.

Second, they have created a structured leadership journey to groom leaders for the future.

Third, they have embraced new lines of business such as petrochemicals, biofuels etc. requiring a workforce with relevant skills who is ready to leverage digital opportunities.

All of these efforts address the challenge posed by seniors retiring from the organization creating a tacit knowledge drain. Their program bridges the gap between knowing & doing, reducing the time it takes for new engineers to convert their subject knowledge to application. Further, their focus on modularized, digital skills development that can be accessed anywhere from any device has been an essential component to their ability to move at the speed of the industry.

To serve all of these needs BPCL has adopted innovative learning options, with clear learning strategy and commitment to ensure that it adds value to the organization.

“The biggest challenge we have is in ensuring that we add value to the learner to better his/her performance. Given the constraints of the learners, finding the right learning mix by reducing dependence on classroom learning and enhancing use of the anytime/anywhere learning is the way ahead.”

K. Mahendra Kumar

Deputy General Manager (Training and Development)
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited