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With SumTotal Talent, you’ll go beyond managing talent. You’ll inspire growth & performance.

Opportunities for development and visibility into career paths are cited by an overwhelming majority of people as the most critical factors in their decision to remain with an organization. Enabling continuous growth and career mobility not only boosts the capabilities and performance of your workforce, it makes it possible to overcome the engagement, retention and productivity issues that are impacting the success of nearly every company today – equipping you with a significant competitive advantage.

SumTotal Talent empowers your people with intuitive, personalized tools that engage employees in pursuing their own self-directed path for development and career growth, while ensuring their efforts are aligned with the goals and business demands of their team and the broader organization. We deliver new ways to engage your talent with innovative solutions that know, develop, grow and reward your workforce.

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Empower People and Teams to Reach Their Goals

SumTotal makes it simple to balance and align the goals of individuals and the organization to help leaders support strategic initiatives, while ensuring individuals see their contributions to success and feel like valued members of the organization – supported by cascading goals, role-based configurable dashboards to monitor progress, and unified development planning to balance company and personal goals for a holistic approach to development.

SumTotal even makes it possible to proactively recommend the learning activities and content people need to build the precise skills and competencies critical to performing better today, reaching goals and preparing for career growth.

Unleash Every Individual’s Potential to be a Top Performer

SumTotal makes it possible to deliver individualized development paths that help every role in your organization better understand the expectations of their role, and focus on resolving the capability gaps that can have a measurable impact on business performance – enabling each employee to focus on what matters most in context of their unique experience, role and preferences. This means better results for you, and your people have the tools they need to be engaged in continuous development and take an active role in their growth.

Inspire Dedication with Career Mobility

Give your people not only visibility into where they can go in the organization, but seamlessly connect them to the development and learning they need to get there – even deliver contextual learning recommendations throughout the suite, personalized to job interests.

SumTotal equips individuals and managers with the tools they need to explore desired roles, identify their individual competency gaps in context of the role, then suggest the learning activities and goals that can help them prepare for an opportunity – and dynamically adapt their personal development plan.

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Cultivate Effective
Managers and Leaders

Most people leave their managers rather than the job itself, making it critical to ensure you have a pipeline of skilled managers and influential leaders in order to be successful. Less than 10% of people have the natural ability to manage, so don’t assume moving a top performing employee into a management role translates to success. SumTotal Talent helps identify top performers so you can cultivate leadership skills and ensure people are ready when the opportunity arises.

Make it simple for managers to know, develop and coach their teams

with configurable and actionable visibility across strengths and priorities to ensure they balance and optimize team capabilities to drive performance.

Ensure talent agility and continuity

with SumTotal Succession to identify and nurture talent pools, eliminate organizational risk and support internal career mobility to retain employees.

Connect people to development opportunities

by delivering contextual learning activities and finely curated content when and where it makes sense to grow management and leadership capabilities.

Engage Employees with Meaningful Performance Feedback

Delivering feedback should engage your employees in their growth and inspire them to perform better - but for many organizations, it has become a fragmented and time-consuming process.

SumTotal’s Performance and 360 Feedback solutions engage employees by delivering real value to every employee and manager by making performance feedback insightful and actionable - with visual indicators to monitor priorities and progress, the ability to capture informal feedback continuously to make performance discussions meaningful and motivating.

SumTotal Performance

SumTotal 360º Feedback


Simplify and standardize the planning, modeling, budgeting, analysis, and execution of global compensation and reward policies. There’s no need to rely on spreadsheets or outdated legacy software systems to manage compensation, ensure you have a unified view of your talent with real-time data that aligns compensation decisions to the performance of individuals and groups.

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Attract and Hire Top Talent

With Recruiting, streamline the entire hiring lifecycle from talent needs assessment, requisition creation, and sourcing to candidate selection and onboarding. Reduce time-to-hire, increase hiring quality, and improve regulatory compliance reporting while easing the burden on recruiters and HR.

Our partnership and integration with iCIMS helps you build branded job boards and onboarding portals that elevate your employment brand from first point of contact to first day on the job.

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What our customers are saying

  • Our employees are incredibly passionate about the impact their work has on people every day...

    To build on this passion, we want to engage people and equip them with the most innovative, impactful and proven tools for professional growth… their solution will enable continuous development and talent mobility within the organization.”

    Angela Rose Wright Director of Talent Process & Systems, American Cancer Society