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With SumTotal Learn, you’ll do more than just train your people. You’ll elevate your workforce.

To win in today’s agile, competitive environment you can’t rely on old school learning management systems (LMS) that provide one-size-fits-all training. At the same time, unleashing an over-abundance of learning resources leaves employees frustrated and doesn’t align their efforts with the demands of your business.

SumTotal Learn is the only enterprise learning management solution that connects the dots between the skills and competencies people need to be better at their jobs –delivered in the context of what they are trying to accomplish – and, prepares the organization for tomorrow, to measurably improve performance.

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I Want It All

We're continuously investing to address the market changes of attracting, retaining, developing and engaging this multi-generational workforce. Because in this day and age, organizations that don't change business models are bound to fail. Harness SumTotal's beautiful technology and Skillsoft's engaging content to seamlessly drive your organization's performance.

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Optimize the Capabilities of your Workforce

SumTotal has been the leading solution in the learning industry for over 30 years and our experience continues to inform our design-driven approach to innovation.  We have the most intuitive, modern user experience available today.

We make it simple for your people to search and discover – even deliver – the precise learning they need to resolve skills gaps, boost performance, create talent agility and cultivate leaders.

Create a Culture of Continuous Learning


With adaptable learning plans, a visual timeline of priorities and tasks and individualized insight into learning progress – contextual actions are a click away, and people have visibility into the measurable impact of their efforts.


We surface learning recommendations, personalized to every individual’s needs and preferences, to keep people engaged in continuous learning effortlessly.


Engaging and responsive mobile design and notifications make it easy for every role to engage with the learning they need on-the-go or from remote locations, whether online or offline, to ensure learning is prioritized and accessible when and how people prefer to consume it.


Observing, curating and evaluating informal learning through an Experience API (xAPI)—a specification to track learning experiences—can empower your people to learn how and where they learn best and become better at their jobs.  Our strategic partnership with industry xAPI pioneer Rustici combined with native content aggregation capabilities ensures the SumTotal LMS can be the single entry point for customer, Skillsoft and 3rd party content. The embedded LRS ensures the LMS can still track and report on learning experiences that occur outside of the LMS.

Embrace Innovation in Learning Delivery

The industry’s most comprehensive learning management system ensures your learning is targeted and effective, with delivery options to meet the demands of different audiences and the flexibility to support everything from instructor-led and blended learning programs to micro-learning, informal / external learning and flipped classrooms – even meeting complex compliance and continuing education needs to minimize organizational risk.

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Learning Anywhere, Any Time, On Any Device

Give your employees a personalized learning experience, right on their mobile devices. Relevant learning served up through responsive design helps increase worker productivity – ensuring they have a seamless connection to courses and content anywhere and at any time. The SumTotal Mobile App puts continuous learning within reach with support for both online and offline learning.

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Align Learning and Development

Development opportunities are one of the biggest levers you have to inspire dedication and drive engagement across your workforce – so, why not empower people with tools that connect learning and curated content to critical development measures like goals, skills, competencies and role expectations?

Equip every role in your organization with their own configurable view into the actionable insight and priorities that are most important to them, to ensure actions impact growth. SumTotal’s skill matrix enables your people to see a clear path from one skill to another by understanding where they need to go (Point of Arrival - POA) once they completed a skill (Point of Departure - POD).

Enable Knowledge Acceleration through Collaboration

Empower informal learning by providing learners a complete set of tools and communities of practice to collaborate and share knowledge around any topic or activity. Provide social ratings and feedback, including tools for agile creation of content by subject matter experts. SumTotal’s gamification capabilities, that include badges, levels, points and leaderboards, excites the modern worker and increases engagement by rewarding learning behaviors.

Extended Enterprise:

Optimize the Customer Experience and Drive Revenue through Extended Enterprise

Today, your organization can take learning beyond the four walls and provide training to learners outside of your company.  With SumTotal’s Extended Enterprise capabilities your organization will deliver a seamless experience – driving revenue and improving satisfaction. 

Flexible for Administrators and Fast for Learners

SumTotal’s Extended Enterprise gives organizations greater control over the content they offer to their external audiences. Administrators can determine the cost of activities based on audience, the currencies they are sold in, via multi-currency support with Braintree integration, how long users have access to their purchased items, and bundle activities together. SumTotal is making it easy for learners to manage and pay for content in one transaction with convenient activity bundles, shopping cart and invoice screens, and notifications for purchase and content expiration.

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Organizational Maturity Index

The Skillsoft Organizational Maturity Index™ and diagnostic tool offers a practical methodology for organizations looking to make tangible improvements. The index meets each organization where they are and provides practical guidance to reach higher levels of excellence.

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10 Steps in Presenting an Effective Business Case for a Learning Management System

We'll walk you step-by-step through the process of addressing your immediate challenges, building alliances throughout your organization, and making a successful business case for LMS.

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Flexibility to Support
Your Business

SumTotal works in harmony with your existing systems, with a unified architecture that allows you to deploy and maintain the solution with ease – with the flexibility to build out the solution suite as your needs and maturity evolve. We’re one of the only providers to empower customers to deploy the way that suits your needs, whether that’s SaaS, Hosted or Premise installation.

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What our customers are saying

  • The SumTotal LMS is second in usage only to e-mail among employees...

    ...Month over month more than half of our employees come back, so it’s not that just hit it once and get the compliance training, they really see the value of it.”

    Debbie Collins Capgemini