Get Big Talent Benefits for a
Mid-sized Organization

Reap the big business benefits a talent solution can deliver

In today's world where talent is in short supply and employee needs for development are high, companies need to fight harder to acquire, develop and retain the best talent in the market. How does a mid-sized organization address those big challenges? The good news is, when organizations create a culture of learning and development, they can attract and cultivate top talent. When a learning culture is present, employee productivity increases; engagement improves and mid-sized organizations compete more effectively.

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Simplify your HR processes and gain a competitive edge

SumTotal offers a modern, fully integrated system that delivers, learning, eLearning content, talent and workforce management capabilities to ensure there is a single solution that improves efficiency, drives productivity and helps ensure compliance.  Our experts tailor solutions that address each organization’s unique needs adapting and evolving over the partnership.  Since mid-sized organizations face the same challenges as large enterprises in helping their employees develop soft skills and technical capabilities to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment.  Our platform solutions combined with eLearning provide learners with curated micro-learning paths, so employees can learn quickly and apply new skills immediately.

Our solutions include award-winning platform and content options such as:

  • SumTotal Learning Management System
  • Percipio Learning Experience Platform
  • SumTotal Talent Management System
  • SumTotal Workforce Management Software
  • Skillsoft eLearning libraries

"My experience has been very positive. You have been a very thorough and careful listeners— to understand our needs and vision, patient in your follow up and not overbearing. You've been very easy to work with and answered all of our questions in a timely manner. I've really appreciated each of those elements, and it made our decision to contract with Skillsoft and SumTotal more reassuring."

—Director of Professional Education, Mid-Sized Hospital