Webinar: Sustaining Talent Development During Uncertainty

Webinar On-Demand

In today’s uncertain world, there is an immediate need for organizations to lead innovation toward business sustainability and stay ahead in the competitive environment. A talent development strategy is vital for organizations to achieve their goals effectively.

Our presenters discuss and share how you can continue developing and nurturing talent in your organization and support business continuity using right tools.

View the recorded webinar to gain valuable insights on:

  • How to boost employee engagement and productivity
  • How to ensure compliance and mitigate risks spanning the entire Kirkpatrick's Training Evolution Model - reaction, learning, behaviour, and results
  • How to provide the right exposure to tools and techniques to help managers adapt to the new world order
  • Using analytics and data points to understand a remote employee's productivity, involvement, and progress


Faraaz Farshori | Principal Architect | Asia & ANZ | SUMTOTAL SYSTEMS

Faraaz Farshori

Faraaz Farshori has nineteen (+) years of experience in the software industry, including HCM solution architecture, product design, eLearning content development, Learning Management System deployment/delivery, UI/UX/Graphics/Visual/Web design, Project management and Customer support. He has held responsible portfolios in solution architecture, team building, business development, project management, product design, UI/UX and graphic design, vendor management, operations management and total quality management.

Faraaz is highly skilled in closing business deals pertaining to learning software products, cost & budgeting, proposal development and RFP response development across India, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Rhys Hughes | Regional Vice President - Asia & ANZ | SUMTOTAL SYSTEMS

Rhys Hughes is a seasoned leader in the enterprise software industry in Asia Pacific 

Rhys is adept in new market entry, coupled with revitalising mature markets with innovative and sustainable growth strategies. Rhys holds a double degree from The University of Melbourne in Australia and has enjoyed being based in South East Asia since 2015.

Mr. Lim Jing Yi | Vice President | atQuest Solution

Lim Jing Yi

Jing Yi has years of experience in leading the implementation of learning and talent management solutions for some of the top enterprises in the region.