Today’s workforce wants to know you’ll invest in their career

Dedication to development is a differentiator

What success looks like:

  • Personalized and accelerated development experiences, opportunities and time-bound challenges
  • Quick on-demand skill development at the moment of need
  • Competency development for large segments of workers at the push of a button
  • Empowering of employees to take action on their own development and career trajectory

Develop – how we deliver

Simple and Unified

  • Consumer-led design

  • Development is connected & meaningful

Personal and Adaptable

  • Support a vision for career mobility

  • Development is connected & meaningful


  • Enable a modern approach to learning

  • Evolve Performance Feedback


  • Transformed HR Function, including Learning and Development Approach.
  • With industry-recognized programs for employee development, Florida Blue was looking to go further with the SumTotal platform.
  • Sharp focus on meeting the ever-growing demands of their customers and marketplace through developing the skills of their employees.
  • Florida Blue’s transformation to date has helped provide the business case to blend their Learning platform with performance management, succession planning, and career development.