Few industries are as complex and volatile as the airline industry and this will continue for the foreseeable future. Complex factors such as uncertain oil prices, continued cost cutting, and digital transformation will continue to require the industry to evolve in order to prosper. In light of these challenges and continuing regulatory requirements, Airlines must find the right partner with the tools and experience to help them stay competitive. SumTotal has 30 years of experience helping the world’s airlines retain and grow their talent, and run more efficiently and effectively. We have unmatched experience managing complex compliance training for all employees including crew members, increasing employee engagement with talent management, and handling dynamic schedules with workforce management processes for the world’s largest airlines. We have worked with organizations such as American Airlines, United, Delta, Air France, British Airways , and Air Canada, as well as regional airlines such as SkyWest, and Air New Zealand. Our solutions are available anywhere, in the cloud or on-premise, with support for many languages in over 160 countries.