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On the Road: Highlights from SumTotal’s 2019 European Roadshow

September 17, 2019 | by SumTotal Blog

We are on the move! On Wednesday 11th September, we had our first ever SumTotal Customer Forum in Amsterdam. We used this day as the ideal opportunity to showcase the many ways customers can optimise their SumTotal solutions and services. It was the perfect time for subject matter experts from our solutions development and management team to speak directly with the people who utilise our products daily. Some highlights from our adventures in Amsterdam:


Urbain Lebelec, Solution Architect at SumTotal, explored how SumTotal customers with the proper administrative permissions, can leverage dashboards -- from managing them to configuring the pages the dashboards use. Administrators can also assign dashboards by security groups, create master pages, and of course, personalize them. Here are a few sample use cases:

Career progress dashboard

Team training process dashboard

Reporting – best practices

Kumar Murugan, Practice Director for Professional Services at SumTotal EMEA, discussed the topic of human capital reporting. As he said, although it is often underdeveloped, human capital reporting is too critical to ignore. Kumar gave some tips including this one for those organisations running reports with large amounts of data:

For reports returning more than 30,000 rows of data, run the reports in the background and store report output in a custom folder in the repository. You can then schedule the reports and export report output to the FTP server SumTotal assigned to you.

He also provided a step by step guide to running a report in the background, how to schedule reports, and an overview of authoring reports and report widgets.

Continuous feedback

Jon Drake, Solution Architects Director at SumTotal, spoke about how organisations are moving away from the traditional approach to performance reviews and instead are embracing the concept of ongoing reviews. One of the main benefits of continuous evaluation is that it conforms to employee expectations. Jon explained how using SumTotal’s Continuous Performance Feedback, employees can capture real-time feedback, in the 1:1 Journal, and tie this back to their goals and performance review. Plus, it is all fully supported on mobile, making it very useful for companies working with employees in multiple dispersed locations.

Mobile app best practices and mobile app roadmap

Speaking of mobile, Jon Drakes and Debasis Dutta, VP of Product Management for SumTotal, gave a joint presentation and demo of the incredible variety and value going mobile affords. What are the benefits of SumTotal Mobile?

In a nutshell, mobile

  • improves completion and compliance rates;
  • enables employees to give and receive feedback;
  • helps employee personal growth and development; and
  • encourages collaboration and communication.

Customer Service Managers (CSMs)

Throughout the event, there were some common themes on how customers can get the most out of their SumTotal Customer Success Managers and utilize them as strategic partners. Essentially, our CSMs are dedicated ambassadors, serving as the go-to person within SumTotal to prioritize critical requirements.

We hope this event achieved its objective and our customers feel informed on how to get the most out of their investment in SumTotal.

Thank you for joining us!

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