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Top 10 List for TotalConnection 2014

It’s the final countdown! In less than two weeks TotalConnection descends upon the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach. At TotalConnection (and in Miami in general!) you are never in danger of running out of things to do. This year’s agenda is packed full of high-quality sessions, fantastic speakers, ample networking opportunities, and, of course, over-the-top customer appreciation events.

Pack your sunscreen and get ready for some sunshine!Miami Beach

Here are the top 10 things I’m looking forward to seeing and experiencing at TotalConnection (in no particular order):

  1. Welcome Reception
    We’re kicking off TotalConnection in style with a Magic City reception inspired by the glamour of the late 1950’s Rat Pack-era. The evening will be filled with amazing music, delicious food and some Cuban-themed entertainment and surprises!
  2. Customer case studies (75% of the agenda!)
    The proof is in the pudding, right? Hearing customer case studies is one of the most fulfilling parts of attending any user conference. These are in no short supply! Customers are excited to share solutions to their business challenges and how they’re using SumTotal technologies to achieve their goals. It will be difficult for attendees to choose which session to attend; but, don’t worry, everyone will get the sessions slides after the event in our customer community, SumTotal Connect. If you haven’t signed up for SumTotal Connect, stop reading and sign up now!
  3. Peter Cappelli and Dave Barry’s Keynote Presentations
    Seeking inspiration and vision? Trying to find the meaning in the world? Looking for a good laugh? Our two keynote speakers offer all of the above! Peter Cappelli, Wharton professor and industry expert, will examine the changes in employment relations in the U.S. and their implications. During the keynote, he will discuss his book, Talent in an Age of Uncertainty, which outlines the strategies that employers should consider in developing and managing talent. Dave Barry, humorist and best-selling author, will be giving his thoughts, insights and unique take on today’s workforce, family and everyday life.
  4. Fistful of Talent Guest Panel
    If you had a chance to watch our recent #HRHangout series, you know exactly who I’m talking about. The always funny and very insightful members of the Fistful of Talent crew – Kris Dunn, Steve Boese, Laurie Ruettimann, and Tim Sackett – are joining us live and in person for a panel discussion on the five faces (or heroes) you need in your HR department. You are guaranteed to walk away with some great career advice  and a few laughs.
  5. TotalConnection Clubhouse – Our Social Hub
    Disclaimer, I am biased on this one, but for good reason: Social networking extends and enhances your TotalConnection experience. Throughout the event, you’ll have chance to live tweet sessions, participate in our virtual on-site social games, connect with attendees, meet our Secret Hostess Veronica, and compete to be the social leader of #SumTotalTC14. If you’re new to social, visit the TC clubhouse during the event and someone will show you how to get involved!
  6. Cuban coffee
    Let’s be honest, conferences can be tiring. Long days filled with great sessions, conversations and events is a big shift from the typical 9:00-5:00 workdays. So for all the coffee enthusiasts attending TotalConnection, rest assured knowing there’s a delicious cup of Cuban Coffee ready and waiting to give you the extra boost of energy you need.  
  7. Partner Pavilion and Expo
    There’s no better place to connect with SumTotal partners than TotalConnection. Attendees can enjoy light food and refreshments while learning more about our partners newest product innovations. And, be sure to stop by the Skillsoft booth to meet the team and get the details on Skillsoft’s acquisition of SumTotal! 
  8. Subject Matter Expert 1:1’s
    If you have questions or have current challenges that need our attention, be sure to schedule some time with the SumTotal SMEs during TotalConnection. They will be on site all week to answer questions, provide insights, offer strategy advice and share ways to enhance your applications. Be sure to schedule your one-on-one time before it runs out!  
  9. Customer Awards
    You can’t be in the HR business and not understand the importance of recognizing a job well done! We are thrilled to celebrate our customers’ success over the past year during the SumTotal Innovation Awards.  Join us as we celebrate your peers in Best Overall Use of Product, Best Launch to Organization, and Best Business solution!
  10. SumTotal Connect – Get Involved!
    The networking opportunities and relationships you build at TotalConnection don’t end when the conference is over. SumTotal Connect, our online customer community, is your one-stop resource center for information about SumTotal products and services. If you’re already involved in the community, stop by the TC clubhouse to meet up with other members! If you’re not involved, get connected! Kate Merrick, SumTotal’s dedicated customer community manager, will be there all week to answer questions and help you get started!

What are you looking forward to seeing and experiencing at TotalConnection this year? Leave a comment below! See you in Miami! 



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