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HR Rants – What Drives HR Pros Crazy!

We all have those pet peeves that drive us crazy. You’ve grumbled about them at the water cooler and complained to your dog after work. We took a leap and talked about them in our recent #HRHangout and recorded it for all to see!

We were joined by the great minds of Fistful of Talent for an perceptive and entertaining look at some of the things that drive HR pros crazy. Ranting is one thing, but exploring the core of these issues is what helps find ways to keep the industry moving forward.

Kris Dunn, Tim Sackett, and Dawn Hrdlica-Burke dig deeper into these challenges to talk more about why they’re steaming over these issues and how they would like to see industry standards evolve to address them. They don’t all agree (just ask Tim how he feels about Sourcers), but take a 20 minute break from your day for insight on their analysis.

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Join us for next week’s #HRHangout – Your Worst Job: Both In and Out of HR. We’ll be talking about the best things we’ve learned from our worst jobs.

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