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Nearly 30 Years Best Practice, Hundreds of Industries, Across 156 Countries

Industry verticals with large global workforces or heavy regulatory and compliance needs turn to SumTotal for answers. Thousands of global enterprises and midsize organizations across dozens of vertical industries depend on us for complex, talent and learning management system integrated solutions.

In our heavily regulated industry we need to be able to respond quickly to changing requirements that can impact our employees’ qualification requirements. We chose SumTotal’s solution because the open-activity architecture offers us premium capability and flexibility to grow with our changing company requirements.

Mark Rak
Air Canada General Manager of Customer Service Training, Planning and Cost

Here are some examples of industries where we partner with our customers to create great places to work.

Financial Services

Because we work with four of the five largest U.S. commercial banks among our many financial services clients, we know how to deliver a unique combination of enterprise-class strategic solutions, content, and professional services to cost-effectively address the specific needs of the financial services industries, including global and regional banks, securities and brokerage firms, and insurance companies.

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Business & Consulting Services

Within business services industries, people and the intellectual capital they generate must meet regulatory requirements. These are challenges these workforces must navigate. Because we work with four of the top five accounting and consulting firms, we understand how to deliver solutions for this industry, including accounting and auditing, finance and tax advisory, management consulting, and technology services.

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Healthcare organizations face multiple challenges - from balancing the need to control medical staffing costs while still delivering high-quality care, to managing a unique set of healthcare compliance requirements that include federal and state laws and regulations. As a result, healthcare companies have complex workforce, training, and data reporting needs. And with high turnover rates in key clinical roles, healthcare organizations need to focus on employee engagement, satisfaction, and development to help retain their people and develop the next generation of leaders.

Today, SumTotal helps hundreds of the world’s leading healthcare organizations stay up to date on required skills and certifications, schedule based on skill, competency and performance to increase patient satisfaction, increase their employee retention rate, effectively develop their people, and meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

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To survive and thrive today, retailers must attract the best people, efficiently hire them, rapidly train them, retain them by providing advancement and development opportunities, and compensate them appropriately — all while aligning employees’ efforts with the organization's overall strategies. SumTotal works with some of the world’s largest retailers to efficiently manage the talent pipeline and attract and retain the right talent: people with the proper skills and level of proficiency, as well as those who are deeply customer-focused.


SumTotal is the engine behind some of the largest talent and development initiatives in the public sector, serving more than 50 agencies. Federal agencies deploying SumTotal have saved taxpayers millions of dollars by reducing expenses associated with traditional training, workforce readiness and knowledge management.

We’ve also been the engine behind many initiatives in state and local governments, serving more than 30 top federal agencies across the nation, including: Washington Department of Social & Health Services and the State of North Dakota. We help smaller agencies unify talent and learning initiatives across departments to eliminate redundant procurement and licensing costs.

Industrial Manufacturing

Maintaining market share today means creating high-quality, low-cost products while operating on tighter margins. To succeed in this environment, industrial manufacturers need to manage a highly productive and cost-effective manufacturing workforce. SumTotal helps three of the five largest global manufacturers and hundreds of other industrial organizations to develop workforces and comply with state, federal, or global labor laws. Such regulations include everything from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), and FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act), to complex union and work rules.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Consumer goods companies are under constant pressure to bring creative and innovative products to market, differentiate themselves, and compete effectively in a global marketplace. Many face razor-thin margins, so optimization of core business processes has traditionally focused on R&D; new product introduction (NPI) and time-to-market; manufacturing operations; upstream supply chain management; and downstream product availability and store placement. SumTotal works with many CPG companies to optimize talent strategies that drive creativity and innovation, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

The life sciences industries are undergoing systematic structural change, driven by consolidation and convergence, globalization and emerging markets, cost constraints, and increased competition. SumTotal’s work with seven of the top 12 U.S. pharmaceutical companies gives us unparalleled expertise in effective core HR and talent management processes across life sciences industries such as prescription pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and generic medicines.

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Educational institutions' challenges are similar to those faced by other public sector organizations, including economic and budgetary pressures, increased competition for top-notch people, compliance, and a rapidly changing, diverse workforce that must be effectively managed. SumTotal works together with educators to cost-effectively address the specific needs of educational institutions, including K-12 school districts and public and private colleges.


SumTotal has 30 years of experience helping the world’s airlines retain and grow their talent, and run more efficiently and effectively. We have unmatched experience managing complex compliance for training employees, increasing employee engagement with talent management, and handling dynamic schedules with workforce management processes for the world’s largest airlines. We've worked with organizations such as American Airlines, United, Delta, Air France, British Airways, US Airways and Air Canada, as well as regional airlines such as SkyWest and Air New Zealand. Our solutions are available anywhere, in the cloud or on-premise, with support for many languages in over 160 countries.

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High Technology & Communications

Innovation, creativity, and short product lifecycles are the cornerstones of high tech and communications, yet many companies struggle to find, attract, develop, train, and retain the highly skilled and educated leaders and employees who ultimately drive corporate growth. SumTotal helps these companies address their talent, training, and workforce needs, whether the company produces computer-related technologies (software, hardware, networking), consumer electronics, semiconductors, or communications equipment.

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