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Payroll and Benefits

Improve the Accuracy of Payroll and Benefits Management.

Globally distributed workforces and ever-changing business requirements call for pristine payroll and benefits processes – you can’t afford errors. SumTotal’s solutions come equipped with configurable tools to process error-free payroll and streamline benefits management.

We deliver powerful, flexible, and reliable solutions that meet your requirements – then, go a step further to exceed your expectations. Best of all, our common-sense approach is based on how administrators perform their day-to-day tasks, making it easy to master and convenient to use.

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  • Secure access

    To pay advice for employees.

  • Control and track data

    Processes, pre-audits, employee eligibility, benefit offerings and more.

  • Manage change with ease

    Including payroll rules and employee benefit deductions.

  • Meet reporting requirements

    For the US, Canada, and UK, Australia and New Zealand with the most compliant solution available.

  • Manage complex benefit plans

    For all active and pensioned employees.

  • Deliver accurate and timely

    Benefits enrollment and disbursement.

  • Facilitate automatic communication

    With employees at a personal level, both effectively and frequently, about their needs and changes.

Eliminate the “Work” from Your Payroll Workflows

SumTotal’s industry-leading technology design is informed by former payroll practitioners and existing customers to deliver unparalleled ease-of-use.

  • Rapid processing speeds and heightened levels of accuracy

    Means your payroll balances every time it is run.

  • Taxation and regulatory reporting

    The most compliant in the industry, ensures full regulatory compliance.

Balance Control and Flexibility with Benefits Management

SumTotal Benefits Management fully integrates HR management, compensation administration, reporting, self-service, and web-based open enrollment.

  • Automated tools and workflows

    Streamline benefits administration – from singular programs to complex plans for union or salaried employees – to deliver simple, accurate, and timely benefits enrollment options for employees.

  • Seamless integration

    Ensures accurate and automatic calculations of coverage, contributions and deductions from premiums to pensions to FSAs.

  • Beyond providing us with a state-of-the- art technology solution, SumTotal (is) helping us reach our goals to proactively, ensure accurate payroll information and enhance the productivity of our workforce...

    Tom Spencer Systems Project Administrator, City of High Point Download the City of Highpoint Case Study