SumTotal Talent
Performance Management

Make Performance and Feedback Meaningful

Reduce costs, time and frustration when you automate and standardize the goal-setting and review process – making the performance management process a source of value for employees, not frustration.

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  • Engage employees with continuous performance feedback

    In real-time, with one click – then connect informal discussions to the performance review

  • Help Employees achieve their full potential with 1:1 Journals

    Capture real-time feedback, and the substance and content of career conversations in the 1:1 Journal

  • Leverage S.M.A.R.T goal methodology

    To make goal creation simple.

  • Cascade organizational and team objectives

    To align goals to the broader strategy.

  • Enable people to balance individual and team progress and manager progress

    With configurable role-based dashboards.

  • Foster meaningful conversations with management

    That includes real-time social feedback and knowledge sharing.

Transform Every Individual into a High Performer

SumTotal Performance makes every individual feel like a valued contributor by clearly recognizing their impact on the organization’s success.

  • Empower every employee to grow

    By connecting them to the precise skills and competency gaps they need to resolve to drive performance.

  • Motivate employees to optimize performance

    By seamlessly connecting people to the learning and content that can help them improve performance while they work.

  • Support a unified development plan

    That brings together personal and company development, and allows managers and individuals to collaborate on the learning and goals needed to reach development objectives.

  • Thanks to SumTotal's performance management system, Brunswick's employees now understand not only their goals, but also how they relate to the direction of the company

    Homer Stewart Brunswick Director of Executive Development Download the Brunswick Case Study

See how US Airways uses SumTotal Talent to engage their 32k+ employees around the globe, leveraging learning and development, 360 reviews and succession planning.

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