SumTotal Growth Edition

With SumTotal Growth Edition, you can start developing and supporting your organization straightaway with a quick deployment and kickoff.

Growth Edition is scalable and designed for fast growing organizations. It can be set up within hours for a quick deployment thereby enabling your users to access online training right away. Capabilities to support features such as instructor-led or webinar training, additional learning resources, and approvals are easy to turn on and configure when you are ready to use them.

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Optimize Team Performance and Expand Individual Expertise

To continue growing and innovating, organizations must get the best possible performance from every employee and provide the learning opportunities that result in an engaged and loyal workforce. These opportunities are critical because you’re competing with other organizations and they are trying to lure your best employees away. Learning solutions must not only help the workforce be great now, but have the flexibility to grow and change with the organization in the future.

Now more than ever, employers need to train and develop their people to successfully address business challenges. With Growth Edition, you get a SaaS solution that lets you easily capture, create, manage, and share knowledge, while providing a fully flexible user experience.

Put Learning at the Core of your Integrated Talent Processes

Forced learning is ineffective. If your learning software doesn’t meet your learners’ needs, they will use it only when they have to—not because they want to—and you’re left with minimal employee engagement, low satisfaction and dismal ROI.

Growth Edition gives you the freedom to focus on the needs of your learners and create a great user experience, so they fully embrace the benefits of your investment in learning. By combining the right functionality with comprehensive and modern content that’s easy to access, you deliver real value and deepen engagement.

Going beyond traditional learning management systems, SumTotal’s Growth Edition solution is part of our Talent Expansion® suite and can be integrated with our Talent and Workforce Management solutions to deliver one complete view of your workforce, thereby providing cross-functional value that no other solution can. Learning can be delivered in real time as part of your talent and workforce management processes, such as goal setting and absence management, to ensure your people have the tools they need to always perform their best. As a result, SumTotal helps organizations significantly improve their people’s efficiency and effectiveness, not just automate learning management processes.

With SumTotal Growth Edition, innovative capabilities come together with streamlined workflows and a compelling user experience to boost your organization’s ability to deliver learning in a way that engages learners, grows capabilities and supports career development.

Customize your User Experience for your Employees and Partners

A key feature is the ability to customize your entire user experience for different groups of users. Your application can be branded and personalized with custom logos and colors, unique catalog access, automated assignments, and custom pages and information to provide each user with their individualized experience. This flexibility allows you to provide access to your employees as well as any partners or vendors who have different needs in a learning management system. Social capabilities provide commenting on threads and the ability to poll users. These can also be setup and designated either to all users or to specific groups of users thus allowing you to bring users together to provide you with information about your user base and their needs.

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What our customers are saying

  • Employee engagement and compliance are at an all-time high because SumTotal Growth Edition provides the content our people need to do their jobs today and to build skill sets for jobs they may have tomorrow

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