Reimagine Onboarding

You Work Hard to Get Top Talent in the Door.

Equip, Empower and Engage People for Success.

  • Unify Learning, Talent & Core HR. Reimagine onboarding as a strategic program, not just paperwork.
  • Create a Personal Dashboard. Deliver a roadmap to success with customizable templates that speed time to productivity.
  • Connect to Colleagues, Even Before Day 1. Support collaboration and performance to improve retention.
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Equip Managers

Managers are Critical to Your Organization’s Success.

Equip Them with Tools, Mobility and Visibility to be Effective.

  • My Team empowers managers with visibility across team strengths, gaps and other key measures to enable managers to better understand the priorities across their direct reports.
  • Mini-profile delivers one-click access from My Team to direct report details and key actions so managers are better able to coach performance and support individualized development.
  • Moble Capabilities provides managers with at a glance metrics (including performance, goals, compensation, learning and development) to more effectivey foster team performance.
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Empower Career Mobility

Career Mobility is Your Key to Inspire Dedication.

Empower Employees to Explore, Prepare and Pursue.

We’re making it simple for every person in your organization to explore their own definition of career progression. Then, we remove the guesswork for how to get there by delivering a real-time visual indication of their fit for different roles.

  • Job Fit Analysis gives people the ability to identify their skills and capability gaps for different desired roles, and suggest the precise learning and content that can help them resolve gaps and improve readiness.
  • Job Matching provides employees with the ability to find their next job and access relevant content to help them get there by giving career recommendations based on criteria found in the Resume.
  • Identify competencies for current and future roles and analyze them to realize behavior and skills gaps to further nurture your talent.
  • Enterprise Search delivers visibility into open positions in the company, and connects people directly to their fit for the job, details about the role and with one simply click they can apply.
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Engage the Extended Enterprise

Get the Most out of Your LMS Investment

Transform your Training to Drive Revenue and Improve Satisfaction

We’re making it simple to develop and deliver learning and information to audiences outside of your organization – that is fast for learners and flexible for administrators.

  • eCommerce Capabilities creates a streamlined experience for your customers, partners and vendors with activity based pricing and support for multi-currency payments with Braintree Integration.
  • Consumer-Led Experience makes it possible for learners to manage and pay for content in one transaction with convenient activity bundles, shopping cart and invoice screens.
  • Empower all of your guest users with the ability to create accounts and give them access to browse and search the Learning catalog.
Data Sheet: Extended Enterprise
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Optimize Mobile Learning

Access your Learning Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device

Make it easy to engage with learning on-the-go

We make it simple to ensure that learning is prioritized and accessible when and how people prefer to consume it.

  • Our SumTotal Mobile App has a modern user experience that enables users to seamlessly work between devices to maximize productivity.
  • Learn Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device. The app delivers an engaging and easy way for learners to find and consume content that will improve performance and close skills gaps, when and where they prefer.
  • Continuous Performance Feedback has never been easier.  Your people can request and provide feedback “in the moment” right from their smartphone or tablet.
  • My Team on the SumTotal Mobile App provides managers with at-a-glance metrics of their direct reports and the Employee Profile to make it easier to manage team performance.
Data Sheet: Mobile
SumTotal Mobile App

Embed Holistic Workforce Actions

Your Workforce Management Data Has a Lot To Say.

Strengthen Your Talent, Learn and Core HR Approach with Tighter Workforce Management Integration.

  • Connect your Time & Attendance, Scheduling, and Absence Management strategies and compliance requirements with your ‘people’ strategies.
  • Strengthen and remove subjectivity from  your performance review process by accessing Occurrence Tracking data to view employees’ adherence to attendance policies.
  • Improve employee satisfaction with Self Service for tasks such as Schedule Availability, Shift Bidding and Trading and more, resulting in your people being engaged participants in the process.
Data Sheet: Workforce Management
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This is More than Just Another Talent Suite. This is an Experience.