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Now you can get a complete workforce management solution covering all aspects of workforce, payroll and expense management. Going beyond traditional workforce management systems, we offer a single, unified solution that improves efficiency and effectiveness as it covers all HR processes.

What our Customers are Saying and Doing

  • Implementing SumTotal Work : Time & Attendance solution has enabled us to better manage our workforce, reduce costs and empower employees to be more productive. We can forecast staffing issues, track by shift, uncover trends, and take a proactive approach in managing our workforce – all of which contributes to maintaining and improving service levels for residents.

    Tom Spencer
    High Point Systems Project Administrator

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  • We are very happy with SumTotal Work: Expense Management…And, of even greater importance to us is that we have developed an effective working relationship with SumTotal which will allow us to continually move the technology forward.

    Dan Garuti
    Loomis Sayles Vice President

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  • RR Donnelly leverages SumTotal Work: Expense Management to allow the company to focus less time on expense processing and more time on its core business.


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Seamless integration with other talent and business applications through the SumTotal elixHR® Platform

  • A single, unified experience across desktop and mobile platforms with self-service access to schedules, absences and time information
  • A single employee record across all application in SumTotal work
  • Lower administrative overhead and total cost of ownership by configuring and automating business processes with our extensible rules architecture
  • Improved compliance on government and safety regulations with proactive alerts and notifications and automated updates


Top 5 Tips to Optimize Workforce Management

5 tips to gain better visibility into your labor costs and ensure you’re getting the most out of your workforce.

SumTotal Talent Expansion™ Workforce Management Solutions

Workforce delivers the industry’s only fully inclusive workforce management solution. Workforce is truly integrated: Enterprise-Class Time & Attendance, Scheduling, Accrual, Leave and Absence Management, plus Occurrence Tracking are all core to the application. This non-modular model was specifically designed to reduce errors and double entry, increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Time & Attendance

Standardize and automate 100 percent of your pay, work, union, and accrual rules across all of your locations. Designed specifically to support the complex requirements of small to medium-size businesses as well as enterprise-class organizations, Time & Attendance can significantly improve efficiency and simplify time management activities for all of the members of your workforce.

  • Ensure employees are properly paid based on legislative, company, and union policies
  • Empower employees and managers with access to real-time information and self-service access for web clock, accruals, and schedules
  • Improve efficiency and lower costs as you reduce administrative overhead, total cost of ownership, and payroll file errors with end-to-end process automation
  • Respond quickly to changing business conditions with a flexible and scalable solution that integrates with various time clocks and data-capture devices


Connect qualified employees to the jobs that demand their skills at the most appropriate times with Scheduling. A single, integrated employee record shows managers all relevant information while scheduling employees. They can dynamically adjust schedules and match the employee skills needed to each schedule. It’s easy to improve productivity, track employee availability, and fine-tune schedules at the task level.

  • Lower costs with employee self-service absence scheduling
  • Get a complete picture as you fully integrate employee schedules, absences, and time data
  • Improve efficiency with mass updates for temporary and permanent schedule changes
  • Integrate certifications, skills, and competencies within scheduling views to get the right people on the job at the right time
  • Ensure compliance with all work, leave, and pay rules when determining the right person for the job

Absence and Leave Management

Absence and Leave Management lets you improve the administration of your overall employee leave programs and proactively manage employee absenteeism. You can automate business rules surrounding employee accruals and complex leave requirements.

  • Reduce complexity with automation that ensures compliance with accrual policies and calculation of accrual amounts, deposits, withdrawals, grants, usage, and balances, as well as the ability to forecast future availability
  • Get a complete picture as you track deviations from planned attendance, like late arrivals, early departures, or unexpected absences
  • Manage disciplinary actions such as verbal and written warnings, last-chance agreements, suspensions, and terminations
  • Improve compliance as you stay on top of the complex requirements of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Mobile Workforce Management Application

A mobile application built on HTML 5 that provides anytime, anywhere access. This technology platform removes the need to standardize on a single mobile operating system, allowing organizations to support the trend to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work. Mobile Workforce delivers just-in-time access to your mobile workers to track and monitor schedules, locations, accruals, time, and more.

Data Collection Devices

SumTotal offers a variety of data collection devices for capture of time & attendance data:

  • Impulse Terminal: Our most advanced data collection device offers flexibility along with a functionally rich user experience to enhance and simplify data collection requirements. The Impulse Terminal delivers all of the modern communication methods from a traditional Ethernet cabled environment to Wi-Fi and GPRS support. It also includes audible and visual bilingual support in English, Spanish, and French
  • Blue Line System: This fully scalable, integrated time-collection and access-control system from Stanley Security Solutions provides an effective solution for single sites and can expand across multiple locations. Logical networks of Blue Line systems on diverse sites can combine to provide multiple-source data to a single point. Solid-state memory eliminates the need for mechanical storage, and its power-management design offers reliable service in case of power outages
  • Maximus Terminal: This time-and-data collection terminal from Accu-Time Systems features rugged aluminum construction for the most demanding environments. The biometric finger scan improves security and eliminates buddy-punching and time theft
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System: This phone-based time collection system is a solution for employees who do not have access to other time-capture devices. It’s specifically designed for time-and-labor data collection and is pre-integrated with many time & attendance/workforce management software products

SumTotal Talent Expansion™ Payroll Solutions

Payroll is a proven and time-tested administrative solution for managing large and complex payrolls quickly and reliably. Payroll supports processing for tens of thousands of employees in just minutes. For midsize and large organizations, it’s a reliable and affordable alternative to expensive-to-own-and-manage ERP solutions from Oracle®, Oracle/PeopleSoft and SAP®. SumTotal Payroll allows you to:

  • Reduce administrative overhead and training time
  • Handle workforces of any size with unlimited employee and tax IDs
  • Simplify payroll complexities, such as union rules and dynamic pay structures
  • Ensure full regulatory compliance for all states, provinces, and regions in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand

Case Study

City of High Point

The City of High Point uses SumTotal Work solutions to solve complex staffing and scheduling challenges to reduce costs and meet regulation requirements.

SumTotal Talent Expansion™ Benefits Solutions

Your HR department can easily support all types of employee benefit plans — from traditional employer-defined benefits to cafeteria-style plans — for all active and pensioned employees. You can streamline benefits management and simplify the enrollment, update, and communication processes. This solution supports even the most complex benefits tasks and calculations — from premiums to pensions to flexible spending accounts — for thousands or even tens of thousands of participants. You can administer:

  • Health and medical benefits
  • Social Security benefits
  • Insurance benefits
  • Subscription benefits
  • Group benefits
  • Welfare, retirement, and pension benefits


Optimizing Your Workforce Across the Enterprise

Create a higher performing organization with workforce management.

SumTotal Talent Expansion™ Expense Management Solutions

Expense Management provides the most complete and configurable full-service solution for expense management and automation. Travel and Expense (T&E) management solutions are critical components in an organization's business strategy to control costs, increase employee satisfaction and improve bottom-line performance. SumTotal Expense Management is a global leader in expense management. It automates processing and facilitates management of employee business expenses, the second-largest controllable expense after payroll. Expense includes these modules:

  • Expense Management
  • Receipts Management
  • Mobile Expense
  • Boomerang Expense for Lotus Notes

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5 Tips to Effective Workforce Management

5 tips to gain better visibility into your labor costs and ensure you’re getting the most out of your workforce.

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