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To win in today’s agile, competitive environment you can’t rely on old school learning management systems (LMS) that provide one-size-fits-all training. Your people need learning that is tailored to their skills and competencies delivered at the right time, and in the context of what they are trying to accomplish. SumTotal Learn is the only LMS that provides the personalized, contextual learning required to help your people be better at their jobs while they are doing them.

What our Customers are Saying…and Doing with
Learning Management Systems

  • In our heavily regulated industry we need to be able to respond quickly to changing requirements that can impact our employees’ qualification requirements. We chose SumTotal’s solution because the open-activity architecture offers us premium capability and flexibility to grow with our changing company requirements.

    Mark Rak
    Air Canada General Manager, Customer Service Training – Planning and Cost

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  • The SumTotal LMS is second in usage only to e-mail among employees. Month over month more than half of our employees come back, so it’s not that just hit it once and get the compliance training, they really see the value of it.

    Debbie Collins
    Capgemini Director of MyLearning

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  • We very much appreciate the opportunity to bring to SumTotal our evolving needs. We are always pleased with their ability and readiness to address those needs rapidly and transparently with us

    Ken Dude
    Edward Jones HR Principal

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  • We know we can rely on the SumTotal Learn solution to help us make good decisions. With the actionable data we gather from the LMS, we’re now able to expand our training program to close any knowledge gaps that exist. That information also gives us a competitive advantage and enables us to provide the highest level customer experience.

    Amy Fabey
    Express Scripts Business Systems Analyst
  • Thanks to SumTotal Learn solutions, we can now deliver and track more information and training faster than ever before. Our people want the knowledge they need to do their jobs better and more quickly.

    Steve Wells
    Pfizer Learning and Performance Group Director

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  • We are seeing real benefits in using SumTotal’s cloud solution. We can focus on improving the training we provide to our organization, as opposed to focusing on the IT issues related to managing an enterprise software product.

    Spencer Hyde
    SkyWest Director of Multimedia and Business Development

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  • We have customers all around the world. Providing direct access to product training in real time and in a customer’s local language enables us to offer a higher level of customer service.

    Ken Tanaka
    Tokyo Electron Senior Manager of Global Service Group, Field Solution Department

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Why do companies turn to us when training and development really matter?

  1. We can serve all your learning needs – from simple to complex requirements.

    Especially in compliance-heavy industry verticals, such as manufacturing, airlines, healthcare and financial services.

  2. We offer unmatched expertise.

    We've been in Learning Management since 1985, serving hundreds of industries, across 156 countries worldwide.

  3. You can choose your deployment option.

    SaaS, hosted or on-premise.

  4. You can reduce your total cost of ownership.

    Reduce time to value.

  5. Easiest to use Learning Content Management System.

    Engaging user experiences enable employees to be more productive and effective in finding and interacting with content.

Customer Video


Capgemini's Director of MyLearning Debbie Collins discusses the business benefits of deploying SumTotal Learn: Enterprise globally.

SumTotal Talent Expansion™ Learn Solutions

Enterprise Learning Management System

You can manage all aspects of education and training by optimizing the administration, management, delivery, and end-user experience of blended learning programs.

  • Deploy faster with open activity architecture
  • Reduce non-compliance with continuing-education management
  • Improve user adoption with a personalized, intuitive user experience
  • Increase visibility with built-in advanced reporting
  • Reach employees on the go with mobile and off-line learning capabilities

Mobile Learning

With an engaging application interface, easy-to-use functionality and enhanced content performance, you can offer content and courseware across a wide range of smartphones and mobile devices. Supported devices include iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Blackberry with native LMS style-sheet support for netbooks and other tablet and appliance devices.

  • Deliver rich media optimized for viewing and consumption on your mobile device
  • Allow easy content creation with SCORM authoring tools (such as ToolBook, Lectora or Claro)
  • Get complete analytics with native SumTotal reporting capabilities that can track completions, scores, and overall impact
  • Off-line learning capabilities to expand the learning experience to remote or mobile users who are not connected to a network via devices such as laptops, kiosks and handhelds
  • Manage requests and track activities for various processes, such as management approvals for training, session attendance, and more
  • Access just-in-time tasks or learning content, or search and browse for the courseware or resources you want to take

Customer Video

Edward Jones

Edward Jones HR Principal, Ken Dude, discusses benefits like $1 million in travel cost savings from implementing SumTotal Learn: Maestro™.

Social Learning

Empowers informal learning by providing learners a complete set of tools to collaborate and share knowledge around any topic or activity.

  • Provide on-demand access to SMEs, peers, and knowledge sharing opportunities relevant to the development or need of each users
  • Search or browse social content, including comments and community discussions, to quickly and easily find information or answers
  • Empower and encourage users to collaborate, discuss, and share using our communities of practice, document libraries, blogs, and more

Regulatory Compliance

In many countries around the world, governments outline specific processes for budgeting, delivering, and reporting on education that organizations are mandated to provide to employees.

  • Offer a seamless compliance solution through SumTotal Learn that keeps pace with evolving government regulations for global employers, including a variety of government requirements, such as those in France (DIF, 2483, OPCA), Belgium (CEFORA), Luxembourg and Canada (1% training act)
  • Reach people across platforms and devices instead of being locked into a rigid set of solutions. That includes delivery options. As great as the cloud is, a hosted or on-premise solution is a better fit for many customers

Extended Enterprise & e-Commerce

For external audiences that drive value for your company, you can develop and deliver information to customers, partners, and channels with our Extended Enterprise solution. You can provide consistent employee, sales, customer, partner, and channel network training, education, and enablement — available 24/7/365.

  • Drive revenue through paid training for customer and distributor channels
  • Deliver certification programs and manage knowledge
  • Reduce training costs for employee, sales, customer, partner, and channel networks while accelerating time to market
  • Increase customer satisfaction and product adoption
  • Display available content in an online catalog without requiring the user to log in

Content Management

You can develop, assemble, manage, and deliver personalized learning content while you reduce costs with a large-scale, centralized learning content environment. It’s easy to build content, and you can decrease content-authoring time by leveraging WYSIWYG tools and reusable assets, templates, and learning objects.

  • Improve collaboration with a team-based content creation environment
  • Increase efficiency with built-in automation and workflows
  • Offer content support for popular Adobe and Microsoft products
  • Deliver simulations and interactive content
  • Allow interoperability based on standard AICC/SCORM interfaces
  • Allow easy content creation with SCORM authoring tools (such as ToolBook, Lectora or Claro)

Customer Video


See how McAfee is using SumTotal Talent Expansion™ Applications to make learning fun and interactive.

Content Versioning

You can reduce your administrative burden around tracking multiple versions by automating the control and lifecycle of learning activity versions. SumTotal Learn can link multiple versions of a learning activity together with automated workflows and notifications.

  • Automatically notify users when a new version is available
  • Reduce administration time required to duplicate learning activities
  • Improve compliance as you make it easy for managers, HR and training to track and ensure completion of training
  • Increase visibility as you easily track versions and required training


With ToolBook, you can empower subject-matter experts and learning professionals to rapidly create interactive content, quizzes, assessments, and software simulations. Since 1990, ToolBook has been the industry standard in e-learning design and development.

  • Support for embedding geolocation in mobile content
  • Customize interactions and branching
  • Increase comprehension as you simulate realistic software applications
  • Engage your learners with the voice narration feature
  • Create certificates to signify success


SumTotal offers over 20,000 e-learning courses in a variety of topic areas, including:

  • Desktop computer skills
  • IT & technical certifications
  • HR & legal issues
  • Leadership
  • Sales & customer service
  • Finance
  • Project management
  • OSHA compliance & workplace safety
  • Management & supervisory development
  • Business & professional development
  • Clinical healthcare & life sciences
  • Language training and much more

Pre-integrated Learning Courseware

SumTotal’s content partnerships allow customers to deliver on their Talent Expansion initiatives. As part of SumTotal’s overall content strategy, we leverage our 25+ years of experience integrating courses with SumTotal Learning solutions to provide you a courseware offering that is ready-made for a variety of topics.

  • Leverage the Best Buying Power with SumTotal, the top reseller for many of our partners which allows us to negotiate better rates
  • Unique Skillsoft Partnership enabling us to serve customers of all sizes with unique Skillsoft offerings that no other reseller can provide
  • Top Quality, Pre-Integrated Content takes the hassle out of content integration. Working with the industry’s top courseware providers, SumTotal has already completed the courseware integrations that you are looking for

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