Customer Case Study


Delivering Learning and Development to Thousands of Customer-Service Employees

JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States. With a history dating back over 200 years, it is a leading global financial services firm with assets of $2.4 trillion, operating in more than 60 countries. The company serves millions of consumers, small businesses and corporate clients. Its stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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Business Challenges
  • Meet training objectives with an integrated solution for creating and managing content
  • Reduce overall training time and promote efficient use of employee time
  • Enhance employee knowledge to keep pace with changing needs
  • Implemented SumTotal Learn: ToolBook to integrate with SumTotal Learn: Enterprise, Content Management solutions
  • Deploys courses to thousands of customer-service employees at their desktops
  • Delivers 300,000+ compliance computer-based training online completions and assessments each year, with over a million completed
  • Tracks compliance training completion and scores
  • Identifies and fills existing knowledge gaps

JPMorgan Chase & Co. | New York City

Industry: Financial Services

Region: 60 countries

Deployed Applications: SumTotal Learn: Enterprise, Content Management and ToolBook

Employees: 260,000

"With SumTotal Learn solutions, we are able to deliver over 300,000 operations and compliance CBT online completions and assessments each year."

– William Loucks
Chase Card Services E-learning Technology Manager


JPMorgan Chase's Performance Improvement Team is responsible for training the card services department's customer-facing employees to keep them up-to-date on in-house systems, partner programs and policies related to customer service. When the department began to experience rapid growth across multiple sites, the performance improvement team quickly realized it would need a new solution to continue meeting its training objectives.

The team wanted a comprehensive tool that would take care of all its content-authoring needs. Another top priority was to select a solution that would reduce overall training time while also enhancing employee knowledge to keep pace with changing requirements. The platform needed to integrate with the company's learning management systems (LMS), SumTotal Learn, to accommodate these challenges. Furthermore, because many employees serviced customers over the telephone, the team wanted a program that would promote efficient utilization of employee time.

The company also required a solution that would be technically compatible with a wide variety of desktops across different departments at multiple sites.


JPMorgan Chase ultimately chose the SumTotal Learn: ToolBook authoring software to reach its growing audience. The solution enables a team of subject matter experts to create media-rich online courses that incorporate text, graphics, audio, simulations and extended assessments. While past experimental use of the software gave the company some insight into the solution's capabilities, its current features have made it an integral training tool in daily operations.

Now computer-based training (CBT) courses can be easily created and deployed to thousands of customer service employees at their desktops. Moreover, because it offers complete integration with the company's LMS, course completion can also be easily tracked.

“Integration with SumTotal Learn was a very important feature for us,” said William Loucks, e-learning technology manager at Chase Card Services. “Course developers can now be assured that any courses created and published will be fully compatible with the LMS – in terms of setup, running the course, and tracking the results.”

In addition to leveraging ToolBook's flexibility and strong assessment types for creating effective e-learning courses, the organization now has the added benefit of using assessment tools and question widgets that are fully integrated with the LMS. This allows the e-learning team to embed full-fledged assessments throughout and at the end of its online courses.

Another important feature was its out-of-the-box capability to track questionlevel details in an assessment – which enables the team to identify any existing knowledge gaps. For example, the team can quickly analyze the answers of 5,000 employees for each question on a particular assessment. If a knowledge gap becomes apparent, the training team can rapidly develop an appropriate action plan to address the issue.


For JPMorgan Chase, SumTotal's solutions have evolved from an experiment to a vital component in its current daily training processes

“With SumTotal Learn solutions, we are able to deliver over 300,000 operations and compliance CBT online completions and assessments each year,” Loucks said. “And in 2007, we passed the 1 million online completion mark.”

Loucks credits SumTotal's functionality with the company's progress in training achievements.

“Every day, hundreds of employees launch training directly from their home pages in the learning management system,” he said. “All participation and pass rates are fully tracked. This tracking permits the performance improvement team to know if the target audience has completed its training and achieved an appropriate score.”

ToolBook is also versatile enough to support full-fledged authoring and the development of templates used by instructional designers. The company looks forward to leveraging these features for continued training successes.